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My name is Sara and I love to write. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Interests/ favs include reading, writing (obviously), Stranger Things, Six of Crows, BTS, and Anne with an E
I'm always happy to talk about any of these things or anything else with anyone :)

A Sweet Treat

April 1, 2021


I never thought there’d come a time when I’d become tired of ice cream sundays. Then I got a summer job at the ice cream shop down the block. I learned that there definitely is a thing as too much ice cream. Especially triple chocolate fudge ice cream. Even a little bit is too much of that.
My first few days working there were like heaven. Hardly anyone came in and I stole as much Oreo Supreme as I could without the boss noticing. Then, the kids got off from school. All of them at once.
3o’clock hit on a perfectly calm afternoon and suddenly there are ten year olds everywhere, demanding coffee flavored ice cream even though I’m almost certain their parents wouldn't allow it.
Now, I don't not like kids. I don't love them either. They just kind of… exist. I grew up being the youngest in my family so I don't know how to interact with children aka tiny humans with even smaller brains.
I’ve found ways to keep myself preoccupied. I count how many kids come in wearing David Dobrik merch or filming themselves (bonus points if it’s both). I count how many kids snapchat their entire glorious ice cream eating experience and how many kids give me a snarky comment after I tell them that, no, they can’t have the rum flavor if they’re under eighteen.
I keep a list of a bunch of things I’ve overheard people say in the shop. 
Dumb arguments, tween breakups, schoolgirl crushes. I’ve heard it all.
I’m giving this kid his fourth scoop of cotton candy when the bell attached to the door rings. I look over and see a girl standing in the doorway. She’s maybe five… maybe ten. Telling people's ages is not my strong suit. But, one thing I know for sure, she’s crying. She’s trying to hide it, but she's crying.
Her eyes are bloodshot and her bottom lip is trembling. She’s wringing her hands together and her chocolate eyes are wandering all over the place. She’s looking for someone who, I’m guessing, isn’t here because her eyes do one final sweep of the place and her shoulders drop a little more.
I don't really know what to do. I should [probably go up to her and ask her if she’s ok. But… all this ice cream isn’t gonna scoop itself. At the end, I spare the tiniest bit of humanity for the little girl and head over to her. The line of twelve year olds isn’t very happy but I figure this is probably more important than giving little Johnny another salted caramel cone.
I kneel in front of the girl and try to smile my kindest smile. She flinches when she looks at me. I guess that didn't work. I try again.
“Are you ok…?” What do I call her? Do I say sweetie or honey? I feel like that’s really patronizing. I’m about to say something else when she full on bursts into tears. Her shoulders are shaking and she covers her face with her hands. I freeze for a second. I tentatively put my hand on her shoulder. Before I know what else to do, she takes me by surprise and rams into my arms, which were not open for a hug, by the way. She’s getting snot all over my shirt and I try to pull that thought out of my mind before I throw up.
I gently push her away and stand up to my full height. I grab her arm and lead her towards the back of the store. At this point I have kids screaming in all different directions but I try to ignore them. I show her to the back room and sit her down. I sit beside her, she’s calmed down a little but I see that her hands are shaking. I clear my throat and try to make my voice as soft as possible.
“Why are you crying?”
When she doesn't answer, I try again. “Do you need help?”
Her chin wobbles. “...My brother,” she barely whispers. “I...I lost him.” She swallows, hard. “We were taking a walk and I got distracted by the geese and… and when I turned around, he was gone. He always told me to go to a place where I feel safe if I get lost, so I came here because I love ice cream. He loves ice cream too, so I thought maybe he’d be here. But… he’s not and I’m scared. I don't know where I am.” She pauses and takes a deep, shaky breath. “I don't know where he is and… I just want to go home.” She’s sobbing again. I do the only thing I can think of. I grab a tub of chocolate chip from the freezer, two spoons, and head back to the child who’s probably getting dehydrated because of all the tears she’s shedding.
She looks up when she hears me sit down. I nudge the tub towards her. She wipes her eyes one final time and takes the spoon I’m handing her. She immediately digs in and I can’t help but grin at how quickly her mood changed. I give her a few minutes before I ask more questions. I start simple.
“Who’s your brother? Maybe I know him.” It is a small town after all.
“You don't,” she says while licking her spoon. “He’s in college.”
“Well aren’t you straight forward…” I mutter under my breath. 
I doubt she heard me but she must’ve seen the look on my face because she quickly backtracks.
“I mean, no offense. It’s just that you’re in high school so I don't think you would know him.”
“...How do you know I’m in high school?” Curse you baby face.
“My brother told me,” she states.
“You’re brother told you that I’m in high school? I thought you said I don't know him.”
She looks a little guilty. Like she’s said something she wasn’t supposed to. She doesn’t say anything for a few seconds and I almost threaten to take the ice cream away. But then she speaks. “My brother knows who you are, but you don’t know who he is.”
Now here is where my ‘I’ve watched wat too much crime tv’ side comes out. The first thing that comes to mind is that this is a trap. This little girl is bait and her brother is currently mobbing all the little children outside the door. Either that or her brother is stalking me. 
Oh god… What do I do? I don't want to end up on an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims…
The little girl keeps speaking, unaware that my mind is going down a very tight spiral.
“He says you have no idea who he is, but he talks about you all the time. He thinks you’re really funny. Says you’re really sweet and nice. But since he’s in college no he doesn't get to see you. Well, except when we come here. We always sit at the table outside because he never wants to come in. He always gets me to order the ice cream. Oreo Supreme for him and Brownie Brittle for me. I get that you don't remember me though. A lot of kids come here.” She takes another giant spoonful of chocolate chip. “Man this is really good. Thanks for giving it to me. I’m never allowed to have more than two scoops. I don't really know why…”
I don’t tell her that it might have to do with the fact that she clearly won't keep her mouth shut because of all the sugar. She didn’t even pause to take a breath the entire time she talked. 
I take the spoon from her hand as gently as I can. She pouts up at me, chocolate all over her lips.
“Can you tell me how your brother knows me?” Please don't say the internet, please don't say the internet…
“From school.” 
I let out a breath.
“You guys went to school together. He says you never noticed him though. But he sure noticed you. He talks about you all the time. Did I say that already? Well, anyway, he does. Doesn’t stop, really. It’s all Emma this and Emma that. I think he’s in love with you.”
My breath hitches in my throat and I ask the same question for the third time. “Who’s your brother?”
“Dylan. Dylan James.”
...Oh… OH. Dylan James… hmm.
“I know him. We had a few classes together,” I tell her.
 Her eyes widen. “Wait, you know him? Oh my gosh he’s going to be so happy when I tell him…” Her mood dims. “If I find him… I can’t believe I wandered off like that. He always tells me to stay by his side.” She’s sniffling again. Oh no.
I reassure her that we’ll find him as quickly as possible. I might even have his number. I think we worked on a project together… or was that with Dan?
I look through my contacts but he’s not in there. I do the next thing I can think of and call Alice. She knows literally everyone in the school. She has to have his number.
She picks up on the third ring and before she can eleven get a word in I explain the situation.
“Dylan James… sounds familiar. Can you describe him?”
I rack my brain to see if I have any vivid memories of him. “He always sat in the back, eyes to the ground. Really quiet kid. Shaggy blond hair, hazel eyes, not bad looking to be honest and…” A memory slaps me in the face. “Pencil!”
“What? Emma, how is that supposed to help me remember him?”
“He gave me a pencil once. I remember because Ms.Smith would always scream at me for biting her pencils so she stopped letting me use them. He was sitting right next to me so I asked him for one. He stared at me for a second too long before he gave me one. He whispered I could keep it…”
“Well Emma, that’s extremely poetic but unfortunately will not help me remember him because IT WASN”T MY EXPERIENCE!”
I shake myself out of the daze I was in. “Right. Sorry. Umm…” 
“Julie!” I hear a voice coming from out of the room. The girl perks up. “Dylan!” 
Before I can stop her she’s running out the room. I head after her and see she’s already buried in her brother’s arms. He’s holding her tight and whispering something in her ear. No doubt he’s telling her to never run off again. 
They keep talking until the girl- Julie- turns and points at me. Dylan follows her finger and looks at me. I smile at him and go around the counter.
His face is beet red when he speaks. “Thanks for… you know… keeping her safe.”
I have to strain to hear his voice. “No problem. She’s sweet. I’m sorry I couldn’t call you or anything. After she told me you’re her brother I thought maybe I had your number, but I guess I don’t.”  
His face goes a deeper red and his eyes are wandering around the room. Julie decides to intercept.
“I came here because Dylan always tells me that if I get lost I should go somewhere I feel safe and talk to someone I trust. I came here because ice cream makes me feel safe and I knew Dylan knew that and he found me! I always knew he would find me! Especially since we come over here all the time. The ice cream is so good! Can I have some more chocolate chip?”
I look at Dylan with a sheepish smile. “I might’ve given her just a little bit of ice cream…”
His smile is wide when he asks, “A little?”
I laugh and his smile grows wider. 
“Well Dylan,” I say, “The ice cream is on the house. If the boss asks I’ll just tell them I got hungry and ate half a tub of chocolate chip by myself. Although I usually go for Oreo supreme so I’m not sure how believable that’ll be.”
His eyes widen a bit. “That’s my favorite flavor. Oreo supreme, I mean.”
“I know,” I tell him. “Little Julie here told me all about you. She can get quite talkative. But that’s actually my favorite too.”
His voice is strained when he says “”
I grin. “Yeah. Cool.”
He shakes his head as if to clear it and takes out his wallet. “I can’t let you lose money over this. I’ll pay for the tub.”
I hold out my hand to stop him. “Please, no. Really, it’s fine. She didn’t even eat that much anyway.”
We both turn to Julie who’s jumping up and down and waving to every person that passes by. Dylan rolls his eyes at her. And, before I can catch myself, I giggle. I literally giggle. Who am I?
Dylan turns to me and I feel my face heat up. I cough to try to cover up the fact that I just made a noise that usually comes out of twelve year old schoolgirls.
I see Dylan reaching for his wallet again. Ugh, this guy is impossible. I reach over and grab his arm. He stops in his tracks. I realize what I’d just done and quickly pull away. I try to stammer out that he really doesn’t have to pay when Julie tugs on his sleeve.
“Hey Dylan. Did you… did you know… did you know that…”
Dylan closes his eyes and takes a breath. “Know what, Julie?”
Julie swallows. “Did you know that Emma knows who you are? She told me. She also said you weren’t bad looking. Well that wasn’t to me. She said that to someone on the phone but I was spying and heard her. She also said something about a pencil, but I don’t really know what. But, that’s besides the point. She knows you, Dylan! She knows who you are! Now you don’t have to be scared to talk to her! You’ll talk and then get married and-”
“Ok little one, that’s enough,” Dylan cuts her off.
“Yeah, Julie,” I cut in. “you’ll turn your brother into a tomato.” That might’ve been a joke but I'm legitimately scared he might pass out because his face is so red.
He forces out a laugh. I know he’s looking for a way out of this conversation but I decide to torture him a little more. 
“She’s right though,” I tell him. “I did, um, say those things. You let me borrow a pencil one time in class. You actually let me keep it, which was probably because you noticed that I always chew on my pencils and you thought it was disgusting, but either way, it was sweet.”
He gives me a slight smile that makes my insides feel like melted ice cream. I stop looking at him when I hear a loud slap. The line of kids had grown to about ten and the one in the front thought that the best way to get my attention was to smack the counter. It probably wasn’t the brightest idea since after the smack I hear a string of curse words and see the boy clutching his hand. Dylan and I simultaneously roll our eyes which causes us both to start laughing. I start heading over to the count but turn back when I see that Dylan isn’t following.
“Are you coming?”
He raises his eyebrows but before he can get a word in, Julie drags him over. He tentatively steps behind the counter. I can see that his hands are shaking so I quickly scoop some Oreo supreme into a cup and hand it to him so he has something to do with his hands. He gives me a soft thank you when I hand it to him.
“Finally,” the kid in front of the line whines.
I’m about to snap a retort when Dylan, shy Dylan, steps in. “Hey,” he practically growls. “Watch your tone, kid, she doesn’t owe you anything.”
My eyes widen in surprise but the kids open even wider in fear. “Ok, sorry.”
I bite my lip to try and keep from smiling.
“What can I get you?” 


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  • Nyla

    Omg awwwwww this story was so amazing and sweet- oh so sweet, I could totally imagine it all happening. "His smile is wide when he asks, “A little?”/I laugh and his smile grows wider. " was just the most romantic thing ever. I loved reading this so much!

    5 months ago
  • Booklover12

    Yes that quote is amazing!! I think they already pretty much renewed it for a season two! Also I just wanted to let you know that to respond to someone’s comment you have to go onto one of their pieces and comment there. (Most people will just put Re: and then type their message) otherwise they won’t get a notification that you responded. Just thought I would let you know :)

    6 months ago
  • Sara Roza

    Thank you so much! I'm so excited for the show! I'm hoping Wylan will be in the next season if it happens because I really love him. One of my favorite quotes is "when you can't beat the odds, change the game." But there are so many amazing quotes in the series. Thank you for reading! :)

    6 months ago
  • Booklover12

    I love this story! I honestly wish it was a novel it was so good...I want to know what happens next! Your writing is beautiful and your storytelling is amazing! After I fiiinshed reading this splendid story I noticed that you like six of crows. I am the biggest Leigh Bardugo fan! Are you excited for the Netflix show? I literally have a countdown going :) I'm just sad that Wylan won't be in it. Also, whats your favorite quote? Mine is the who ghost scene with the my ghost won't associate with your ghost. Anyways, great job with your writing, it really was beautiful! And I hope I didn't annoy you with the questions.

    6 months ago