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Hello again! Sorry this was so incredibly late, life's been trekking along at crazy speeds everywhere so xP

recap of the end of chapter 11: war has broken out and william's been found unconscious, akemia/chandler's wedding still in discussion

sneak peek of this chapter: akemia/chandler chat a bit, someone gets found acting suspicious...

As Fate Would Have Us | Chapter 12

February 15, 2021


    Akemia stared in disbelief as the so-called “Raoul” vanished into thin air. “Is he even allowed here?”

    “Well, Akemia, to be quite frank, I’ve seen him stalk around the halls, wander in the gardens, saunter in the stalls, and in all sorts of places around here. But to think of it, no one has paid much heed to him,” Yeva said, looking down. 

    Akemia widened her eyes, “So you’re saying that he’s a...stranger?” Yeva slightly nodded. “How is that even possible? Does the King and Queen of Arymea know about him? If not, why don't the Arymian guards stop him? Doesn’t this kingdom have any sort of security?” she scoffed.

    “He’s been around here for over almost two whole decades now.” Yeva started, “You know, he’s been since William was ten. And, of course the King and Queen know about him, and there ain’t be a guard who doesn’t know him either. He’s a mysterious presence here, but definitely not a stranger.”

    “Do you know his intentions? His thoughts?”

    “No, we don’t. But listen first. The royal family, they owe him.”

    “Owe him? What on earth are you saying, Yeva? How could someone, more specifically the royal family, owe a simple stranger?”

    “It was a long while ago actually. The royal family were out, travelling to the outer cities when they were attacked by rebels. They should’ve planned more guards, but they didn’t and almost lost their lives, without him of course.”


    “Yes, Akemia, rebels. They are just a group of people plotting against the kingdom.”

    “Then, why doesn’t the kingdom stop them? Even a kindergartener could think of that.”

    “It’s not that simple. We don’t know who the rebels’ allies are. It could be cities with cities, or even as big as a whole other kingdom with them. And as you know, Arymea isn’t the kingdom to want to fight with another kingdom. And yes, we’re technically in a war with Kariliea, but that has been since years ago.”

    “Well then, what other information do you have about him?”

    Yeva was about to answer when the clock clicked, signalling another hour had passed. She stole a glance at her watch and answered, “I would tell you, but I ought to go, for the wedding is supposedly tomorrow unless you speak of a different path. If you do choose that path, make sure to tell Chandler and I before sunset.”

    Akemia nodded, and they both strolled out the room. Akemia continued down the hall until met with William, who escorted her to the throne room. There, they conversed until chaos broke. 

        *         *          *          *         *
    Akemia clutched onto her dress, terrified at the cries of war above. She had been evacuated through the castle, down into the safe just below the kitchen floor. Chandler had guided her into the space over shortly after William rushed out the door. She let out a small whimper of pain as her head hit against the boards. “You okay?” 

    Akemia grunted in response, rubbing the spot she had just bruised. Chandler crawled towards her and laid on his back. He heaved a heavy sigh, staring upwards mindlessly “You’re staying with me?”

    “Well of course. You, obviously, haven’t had any physical training, which means no self-defense, and plus, this is the kingdom of Arymea, so we’re responsible for your safety. 

    Akemia nodded her head in agreement, “Of course you would be responsible. I just... guess I wondered if you were storing me away to help.”

    Chandler snorted. “William would kill me if I did. He may be training me, but I’m nowhere near his level of physique and I’m also royalty. The upcoming king, if you could even say that. If I got hurt, things would be a whole lot different.”

    “That’s true. After all, you are the heir, Arymea’s future, if you live to the point where you’re handed the kingdom. I’m not saying that you won’t, but no one knows. But, handling a kingdom seems like such a task, don’t you ever feel like you won’t be able to do it successfully?”

    “Truth is, I have doubts, lots of them even. But then if I don’t try, how will I know if I will be successful or not? How will ever I be able to prove to myself that my doubts were wrong?”

    “But if you make a mistake the whole kingdom can hate you, kill you even, for a mere mistake. Don’t you value your life? Doesn’t all this haunt you?”

    Chandler thought for a moment and remarked, “Yes, it haunts me. It really does. But, as long as I keep breathing, then that’s already a reason to keep trying. If I have to end my life for this, then so be it, it’s my obligation anyway. But in general, anything could get people hated, so because I will have more responsibility, does not mean if I reject my title, that I will be free from royalty.” 

    “But, the kingdom of Arymea is so powerful though, one that so many kingdoms look up to. This kingdom, one the oldest, has years of history. And after all this, don’t you fear you won’t be able to handle it? Aren’t you afraid of destroying it all?”

    “Well, even if I don’t commit, there’s still a chance it will get destroyed, just by someone different. But what difference does that make if that someone is me?”

    Akemia stayed silent. It felt as if someone had punctured her brain. Chandler was right. She shut her teary eyes, trying to push the thoughts out of her head. She had reasons for rejecting her own title, valid reasons. Tears were on the verge of escaping, pooling at the corners of her eyelids. Chandler sensed the silence, and twisted his head in her direction, “Hey, what’s wrong? Did I say something?”

    Akemia’s lip quivered, tears finally cascading down the sides of her face. Chandler scooted over to her, his shoulder brushing against her right side. He put her hand in his soft hands, peering into her eyes. “What’s going on?”

    “Nothing, I just-” she used her free hands to wipe at the tears, laughing softly. “I just don’t understand how you can still walk with your head high knowing all of that. I couldn’t do it.”

    “Well, you and I are going to be sitting on those thrones one day as King and Queen,” he said, jerking his chin in the direction of the room we’d left behind. “That fate is sealed the moment we marry.”

    Akemia nibbled her lip as it wobbled. She took her hand from his and curled up into a ball, looking up at the floorboards above. “Chandler, should we really be doing this?”

    “Doing what?” he asked.

    “Getting married? You and I have soulmarkeds - fated - still out there. Wouldn’t it be wrong of us to ruin that for them? Isn’t it selfish?”

    “The Blessed already knows of our plans, and seems okay with it, Madame. I don’t see anything so wrong with it.”

    “You won’t see anything wrong with it until you and your fated cross paths,” she drawled, closing her eyes.

    “What are you suggesting?” Chandler asked hesitantly.

    “I... I don’t think we should rush this wedding. There’s too much going on right now, Prince Chandler. Don’t you see? We got attacked today. What’s to keep it from happening at our wedding?”

    “So you want it postponed?” he asked, brows furrowing.

    “I think it would be for the best, Chandler, don’t you agree?” she rolled over to look at him. He seemed a little hurt, but slowly started nodding.

    “Another few weeks?” 

    “Possibly. But, it could be dependent on what happens.”

    “Well, that’s the obvious.”

    The banging above was growing fainter, and Akemia strained to listen. “Do you think it’s okay to leave?”

    Chandler squinted, concentrating on the sounds. “I’m not sure. We’re supposed to stay here until someone comes and gets us.”

    “I’m sure we’ll be fine,” Akemia whispered, still listening to the quiet scuffles. “You have your sword on you, so if we get attacked you can hold them off.”

    “I don’t see anyone, and it’s nearly silent,” she drawled, looking back down at the Prince. 

    He easily hopped out of the crawlspace, brushing the dust off his pants. “Now that we’re out, where do you plan on going?”

    Akemia hadn’t thought that far ahead. She shrugged and approached the kitchen door, looking both ways down the hall before deeming it safe and walking towards the stairs. “I say we head this way.”

    “Towards the fight?” Chandler asked skeptically, running a large hand through his golden hair. “Shouldn’t we be going the other way?”

    “I just want to see the casualties. How bad it really is.”
“Battle is nothing pretty, Madame.”

    “I know that as much,” she said dismissively. “I’ve just never seen it myself. They say carnage is enough to scar a man for life. I know it’s nothing to be excited about, but I want to know what I’d be seeing more of as a leader here in Arymea.'' Chandler pondered her words as they neared the grand staircase. Already, she could see hints of war splattered on the white tile floor. “Do you think they got this close to us?” she asked. 

    The Prince shook his head, pursing his lips. “I doubt it. My guess is that one of the guards got a minor injury and was on his way to the medical wing.”

    “Oh,” she breathed, practically running down the steps. She followed down the next set of stairs before stopping. Soldiers milled about, talking quietly to one another. There only seemed to be four men lost. An older man with a short beard turned at the sound of her clicking steps. His brown eyes seemed dull and heavy; wary almost. 

    “Madame Akemia, Prince Chandler,” he said gravely, bowing deeply. “I didn’t send anyone to fetch you yet.”

    “Indeed, but I couldn’t wait there forever. Not when all of this was happening,” Akemia said, motioning to the soldiers with a sweep of her arm. 

    “I see,” the man hummed, rubbing at his beard. He had a cut on his arm that grossed Akemia out, but she didn’t comment. 

    “Where’s William?” Chandler asked, standing tall and surveying the group of soldiers bustling around them. 
The man, Benjamin, rubbed the back of his neck. “We haven’t found him yet.”

    “What do you mean you haven’t found him?” Akemia asked, her voice oddly harsh to her own ears. Her heart rate had suddenly kicked up a notch, and her stomach twisted into knots. 

    “William took the crawlspace into the catacombs,” Benjamin explained hurriedly. “He told me to take care of you two before helping get rid of the rebels.”

    “Did he take Heirny or Samuel with him?” Chandler asked, eyes darting towards the back corner of the room. He seemed panicky, not that Akemia could blame him. His best friend was suddenly gone.

    “No,” Benjamin sighed, rubbing at his face. “I sent Heirny after him though. I have no clue where Sam is.”

    “You better find William, Ben, or I swear-”

    “Benjamin! I need help!” someone yelled over top of all the commotion. Chandler and Benjamin turned towards the voice, eyes wide. A man had scrambled out of a hidden hatch in the far corner. The corner Chandler had been looking at prior. The crawlspace. The young man cursed, spitting red goop out of his mouth and onto the floor. “Dang it! Someone get me a cot! Now!”

    “Heirny!” Benjamin yelled, running towards him. Chandler and Akemia followed. “Heirny, where’s William?”

    Heirny’s wild gaze landed on the opening in the floor. “I didn’t have any good way of carrying him, Ben. I did the best I could. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but he’s out cold, and looks like a nar at this point.” He was breathless. “Where’s that cot!?”

    Benjamin and Chandler bent down and hauled a limp form out of the crawlspace. He was covered in so much grime and smelled absolutely rotten. Akemia wrinkled her nose, reaching out to feel for a pulse. His skin was cold, but underneath the icy lining, she could feel a faint beat. Not steady, but there. Benjamin rolled his over, taking off William's vest so he could get a better look. William looked so vulnerable and so utterly weak it physically hurt. Even though she wanted to, she couldn’t turn away.

    “I don’t see any wounds. Not any he would be this sickly because of,” Benjamin said quickly, placing him on a medical cot someone had planted nearby.

    “Heirny, come with me. You and I are going to carry him to the medical ward. And we have to be fast about it,” Chandler said calmly. Akemia watched as the men hurried away with deathly William. 

    “Do you think he’ll be okay?” she asked breathlessly, looking up at Benjamin.

    His face was stone as he nodded. “The Commander is a strong man. I tell you, he’s been near death’s door more than a couple of times in his short life. It may take a while for him to be okay, but he’s a stubborn man. He won’t give up so easily.” Benjamin looked down at her with his brown eyes. “Would you like me to escort you somewhere, Madame?”

    Akemia thought for a minute, tilting her head, “Well, I suppose we can head on over to where the royal family of Arymea and Kariliea are.”

    Benjamin clicked his tongue, “Sounds like a good plan. But, I believe that they evacuated out the palace when the attack first took place.”

    “Then where are they, now?”

    “I saw their carriage out of the woods behind the courtyard during the attack,” Benjamin remarked, “But, I doubt they’re back at this hour.”

    Akemia slumped, “Okay, so what can we do now?” 

    “We can search for them, if you want,” Benjamin suggested, shrugging his broad shoulders, “I can go to the stables and get a horse for both of us. It shouldn’t be that hard of a task, unless you don’t know how to ride. But-”

    “Yes, that sounds like a plan. I’ve ridden my whole life, so go arrange the horses. I’ll go up and change for proper attire. I’ll meet you back in the courtyard.”

    Benjamin nodded and headed out the door outside. Akemia made her way up the stairs, soaking in the silence around her. Even the birds outside were silent from their  normal chirping. She picked up the pace. Her fingers gripped her gown, as she made the final steps of the staircase. She grunted as she stepped on her own toe, the tip of her heels slightly dented. 

    “William, William. Why are you always my trouble? Sometimes I wished you were dead. Though, it’s my job to keep you away from that, of course. Seems like I may have failed.”

    Akemia whipped her head up. Her eyes widened at the man leaning by the doorframe of William’s open room door. His back was facing her, his hood falling behind his neck. Unaware of Akemia, he continued muttering, speaking of the ill duke. Akemia tip-toed to the other side of the frame, trying to get a better angle. She peeked across the right side and instantly recognized the figure. “Raoul?” 


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