My Life in Three Cities

February 24, 2021

My life began in city K. 
Which I love until today.
A big city on five hills,
Full of pretty parks and thrills.

City K. is not that small,
It’s a friendly place for all
And so residents and tourists
Flock to see how fun K. is

While I lived in city K.,
I used subway every day,
On the long way to my school
I saw crowds as a rule

After subway, I would walk
Five or six long building blocks
My daily path was all the same
It routine of mine became

Seeing same things every day
Was my life in city K.,
On my long way to the class,
I learned more than I could guess

City K. taught me content,
Loving every day there spent
Seeing stranger smile at you
Then looking back and smiling too

It taught me to cheer up from smiles
And carry them in heart for miles
To love each stone on my long way
And taking trains every day

No longer I can walk that way
Because I live now far away
I miss my daily subway tours
And spending mornings outdoors

I miss my tiny first-grade shoes,
With parents watching TV news
Chit-chats with classmates during breaks,
And baking with my mother cakes.

My page of life in city K.,
Had closed for me one sunny day,
Like leaving school after long day,
For fun new quest I left old K.

The next page of my book was D.,
D. was a shock at first for me
For town D. and city K,
Were different as night and day!

The town D. was very small,
It had no cinema or mall,
Only two thousand folks lived there,
A town in the middle of nowhere

People from the town D.
Knew there each and every tree
They knew neighbors’ dogs by name
And every kid’s preferred nickname

People shared each other’s secrets
Others’ strength and others’ weakness
And every time they went on date
A hundred ears would them await

As you may think my town D.,
At first did not feel home to me, 
I was so used to city K.,
To walks to school and trains every day

But I learned more than I could think,
To smile at strangers, at kids wink
In others’ eye I valued seeing 
Not just a stranger — human being

I valued deep connections made
Baking sick friend a homemade cake
Whistling at neighbor’s fluffy dog,
At midnight having heartfelt talks

The page of life in town D.,
Was very soon complete for me
I had to leave my new connections,
And take the train to my next stations

The next stop on my distant way,
The place of my most recent stay
Is town P. where my school is 
It’s here where my next trip begins

I don’t know much of city P.,
I have to live here more to see
But here is what I know is true
It’s so unlike the other two

It’s bigger than the town D. 
So many folks here you can see
But it is smaller than the city K.
There is no subway I can take each day

I guess I have to wait and see
What city P. has left for me
What I can learn from living here
And if I will to life in P. adhere

So to sum up, I want to say
That neither town D, nor P. nor K.
Were better or were worse for me
Each was the teacher other towns couldn’t be

Prompt: a poem mentioning three cities or countries (Fabiana250)


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  • Livsnjutare

    Oh!I love the rhymes! I think my favorite would be city D! XD

    3 months ago