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Hi! I’m a little scared to put this out there, so any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!

The Girl Wishing For The Words

February 13, 2021

There once was a girl
who always wanted to tell
to tell the world 
what it was 
that she felt

of the sorrow and pain
of friendships and gains
of the worlds inside her head
of fears
of joys

and feelings

the girl wanted to tell
the world.

But yet 
she has not words
so instead of telling
she simply spent her time
the words.

They say if you stop
For awhile
you can hear her wishing song.

She sings

“Words, I know you’re out there
so just fly
Just fly, fly, fly 
over the treetops
over the sea
fly, fly to me!

Words, I need you
here to help me see

Words, if you’re out there
fly, fly to me!”

and the words in response 
sing back to her

telling the world of her
joys and sorrows
and the pains of
the girl wishing for the words

(fly, fly, fly) 

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  • EmmeH

    Re: thanks for your feedback on my song! Your lyrics are so good by the way, and the harmonies in your performance have a really cool early beatles vibe.

    3 months ago
  • Lata.B

    This is so fricken good! Ok wow this is just so beautiful!

    3 months ago
  • Lizzie R

    This is stunning. It's gorgeous and I love it so much. You captured the hopefulness of wanting the words you so desperately need but not being able to find them and put your feelings into words. This is just wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this :)

    3 months ago
  • wallflower

    This is beautiful. I'm not sure if that was you singing, but it was also amazing. You're very talented! <3

    3 months ago