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my pen name is flora kane. i'm a slytherin, infp-t, christian, and generally insane. joined 3.30.2018.

~ will do reviews on request ~

currently hoping i don't lose anyone else.

Message to Readers

this and the next one are getting better i think. i liked imagining a mural of little glass squares making up an image of a sea on a wall.

all we see - v & vi. the sea is only art in a museum

February 14, 2021


a floor 
entirely within replicas and 
arc delicate squares, 
drawing the sea. 
walk the room whenever the 
water travels around, 
waiting while the quiet hums. 
the louder voice is high tide, 
and the fingers of it hesitate.

all the light we cannot see by anthony doerr is a novel which i am using to make blackout poetry under the name: all we see. the poems may not make sense, but tell me what you think of please.
dunno what to write here today. enjoy i guess lol 


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  • anemoia (#words)

    AAAAAHHH i LOVE that book. one of the most touching and poignant books ever.
    and i love the way you turned part of it into a poem

    2 months ago
  • Coolgirl2020 (LOVE YA ALL)

    Hi, how are you?
    I'd love to review three or more of your pieces! Will you let me know which ones you'd like reviewed? Thanks! <3

    3 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Your found poems are maybe the best I've ever read

    3 months ago