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Happy Valentine's Day By: Đåínþý_Øbľìvîöņ

February 13, 2021


To me love is something that comes from many points of view to people, it may come affection, physical touch, or even mental interactions, but for me it is different. We have had so many experiences together and each experience makes me fall more in love with you. I remember when we were walking in the halls one day and you were really stressing out and you were stressing out. I was worried and I could have done so many things, but I grabbed your hand and held it. I don't know why because this was before we ever dated but I knew that I wanted you in my future. When we were sitting in the cafeteria waiting for the Sols to be done, we were so bored that we ended up putting on eye liner on each other and making stuff on each other faces. When I was a cheerleader for Powderpuff I remember that I was hit in the face when we threw someone up in the air and I was crying not knowing I was crying and I saw darkness. You came down to me and you made sure I was okay and it was sweet and we were both embarrassed because I kissed your nose in front of the crowd. You told me that while I was performing at the end of the 1st block winter showcase you said to a classmate "That is my boyfriend, the one with the cymbals." and she said "Why does he look so depressed." We had our first date at the aquarium and we were sitting outside at a picnic table listening to "We Don't Have To Dance" by Andy Biersack and I was nervous because this was my first date with anyone. We walked around and I tried to pick you up but you feel and you were jokingly angry at me. We went back inside and you watched me act like a dork and do the dog training course. I could go on and on about how I bought a mistletoe and I kissed you before I went off to perform for the showcase, or how we had a Zoom prom and our first anniversary we had through Zoom. But the more memorable thing I will remember is our second homecoming. This was when we started dating and I came to your house looking Gerard Way from Helena and I knocked on your door and your mother answered. I was so out of breathe when I saw you in your black dress and makeup, with your red ribbon across your waist looking like Helena. You got really scared and nervous, saying you didnt want to go and you were really just afraid. I still smiled and I put the corsage I got for you, a red and black rose corsage and I told you mom that I would make sure you are alright and happy tonight. Then we got into my mother's car and drove to the dance and with you still crying and a little scared I didn't hesitate to hold you hand, I slowly reached for it to reassure you that this is where you are, that I am here for you and that I am your safe place. This was one amazing moment for me, knowing that you are someone I want to be with for the rest of my life. Thank you for being my love and for the many years to come. Happy valentine's day everyone and to my love.


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  • Lata.B

    Awww this is just so sweet!!

    6 months ago