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Theatre kid
Singer (soprano)
Twin (fraternal)
Highly Sensitive Person
Living oxymoron
Kindness Krusader: Blueberry cotton candy
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For everyone who's sat on a tree branch and thought for a while
Or someone who wanted to

Mom to FantasyOtter12, lochnessie, mindfruit, Rohan's Defender, & all
Sis to happy butterfly
birthdaycandles & happygiggles are my apple juice Jesus sisters

Dating Kristoff? He's got a reindeer, a good sense of self... He's got it all.

My profile picture is my "personal crest" I designed and commissioned.

"I was born singing. Most babies cry. I sang an aria."
~ Fairest (book) by Gail Carson Levine

Anxiety must-reads:
And pray. That's the only reason I'm free now.

For Sarah Kay

February 14, 2021



I am in love with you
the way a six year old loves her rich aunt
who has nothing better to do than spend her days
painting fairytales for her sister's daughter.
So guess who I'm listening to again


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  • February 14, 2021 - 1:08pm (Now Viewing)

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    <3 >>> 3
    (I tried to make a heart break... idk XD)

    3 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    re: i wish! i don't think so, since i've seen your youtube channel and i don't recognize you. plus, i've never actually sang in public (like where i'm trying to sing) so i don't know how you would. but that's curious, very curious... maybe you've met my evil twin.

    3 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Re: thanks for your help <3

    3 months ago
  • dee’s abditory

    Re: omggggg ok now your piece makes more sense lol Technically Sara Kay’s is different than Sarah Kay just bc of spelling and all that, but I guess either way some moron (hi there) is going to get them mixed up lol

    3 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Hi! Yesterday you commented on my that you thought I might be able to improve the line “I can’t move from this ledge”. Do you think “I can’t flee gravity” might work better?

    3 months ago
  • dee’s abditory

    Lmaooo my entire life. Sara Kays is literally so sweet and so kind and alsdbladjbfksdivcks she writes such sad songs it makes me want to hug her and tell her its going to be ok lol I’ll settle fpr giving YOU a virtual hug and telling YOU its going to be ok :)

    3 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    This is so good - you're reviews are incredible! Would you mind maybe reviewing my songs 'Gatekeeper' and 'butterfly sadness' - I could really use it. Thanks so much!

    3 months ago