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Irvin Zhang

The Man with Many Identities

May 15, 2015

He has many identities. By those close to him, he is known as Chris. To everyone else, he is known as CP3 or the ‘Point God.’ Put it simply, his name is Chris Paul.

Off the basketball court where he stars for the Los Angeles Clippers, he is a charming, charismatic father of two, who is all over the TV screen with his Cliff Paul State Farm commercials.

On the basketball court, he is a different person altogether; as he runs up and down the 90 foot court, his hands are waving commands, with his mouth matching those commands all while his almond brown eyes pierce through his opponents and his mind thinks of ways to attack.

"It's like [Paul] is possessed," Jamal Crawford told Chris Palmer of Bleacher Report. "He turns into a completely different person. There's no playing or joking. That's just how he's wired."

He is the general, the head-of-command and the head orchestrator for the Los Angeles Clippers, as is shown through his double-digit assist average and his on-court leadership.

Not only that, he is a culture changer. He took what was once the historical laughing stock of the league and turned them into yearly playoff contenders. Prior to his arrival to the city of Angels in 2011, the Clippers made the playoffs just seven times total in the franchises’ 44 years in the league. After he arrived, the Clippers made four consecutive playoff appearances.

But Paul is no Lebron James, no Stephen Curry, no Kevin Durant. His play will be glossed over by most, but to those who don't need the glitz and the glam, the SportsCenter Top 10 highlight plays, his play will mesmerize and inspire.

Greatness speaks for itself. Paul is on a one track road to etching his name on the list of all time greats. His career average of assists per game is 9.9, according to He currently has 6,950 assists per Basketball Reference and if he were to continue with his average for a minimum of six more years, he will surpass all of the great passers in history besides John Stockton and Jason Kidd.

Every day, he wakes up with the criticism of NBA pundits everywhere on his shoulders.

"I think about our goal every moment of the day," Paul told Bleacher Report’s Palmer. "I think about what it means. I know there's a window for us. Believe me, I know. There's nothing I want more than that [championship] ring. When I woke up this morning, it was the first thing I thought about. It'll be the last thing I think about before I go to sleep."

What makes him an inspiration is his ability to shoulder that weight and keep persisting down the road to greatness.

He is CP3. He is the 'Point God.' He is Chris Paul.


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