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to be victorious at a cost that outweighs the success
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you're not alone. you're loved. you're worth it. you're beautiful. i promise.
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the fireplace is warm, a suitable place to die

February 14, 2021



the fire crackled in front of the elderly man, and he sighed in contentment as he sank further into his chair- just about as old as he was. red and yellow light danced across his face as he stared into the flames with dark eyes, the one thing to have remained unchanged over the years.

his gaze shifts to the mantle, where various pictures can be see aligned nicely in a row. a layer of dust rests atop each frame, as if they hadn't been touched for a few many years. but that's not what the man was looking at. no, he was looking at the joy on his face as he held a woman, as a child rested in his arms. 

he remembered something his mother said to him when he was just a boy, many years ago. a parent should never have to bury their children. no, it should always be the children burying the parent. then why was the local cemetery filled with gravestones carrying his name, but he was still sitting there, breathing?

soft laughter filled the quiet house, but it was not a laugh of amusement. it was a laugh acknowledging the cruelty of life and death. 

"i think i'm ready to join my children now. please, let me."

it's warm here, he thinks, not such a bad place to die.
hey, i'm back... i apologize for the unannounced hiatus. but i needed a bit of time away where i didn't try and pressure myself to come back, and i think i finally feel ready. you may have seen me lurking in a few comment sections here and there, but i hope to be much more active now.

and for those of you who may not know me, hello! i'm abby.a, but you can call me abby. or... whatever you want, i don't mind. welcome, i hope we can be friends :]


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  • løne wølf [semi-hiatus]

    i completely agree with happygiggles, paisley blue, and hold on to the memories; this piece is sad, but in a warm, beautiful way.. i have to say, i teared up a little. amazing work, this piece is lovely <3

    re: i 200% agree with you! some parents just think pressure and bribing is the best way to achieve "success" in their children, but it just makes us feel unwanted and helpless at times ;-;

    3 months ago
  • happygiggles

    This is heart-breakingly beautiful. Your descriptions are so vivid yet delicate which is one of the many things that I admire about this piece. I can almost feel the pain in his shattering heart, you write with compassion and empathy. Outstanding! Also, I hope you enjoyed your break! Sometimes we all just need a little bit of time away especially in these unprecedented times when things are more stressful than ever!

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    ahhhhh this.... well, hold on to the memories #NEWYEAR said it perfectly. it's the gentlest of pain, yet the most striking. abby this is a masterpiece. truly. wow. the ending broke my heart and took my breath away and it's almost like i've known this old man forever. tbh, i wasn't sure if it was going to be very good at the beginning because i was like "oh another death story" AND DEATH STORIES ARE GREAT DON'T GET ME WRONG but then i kept reading and i kinda just sat here in awe and read it twice and now i'm going to go read it again because this is the sort of story that lingers with you.
    you might be able to tell i have no idea what i'm saying rn but that's okay because you wrote something beautiful and that's all that matters!!! :D
    love love love

    i need to go read that again :)

    3 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    i feel... sad yet at peace, like it's a gentle hurt. does that make sense? it's heart breaking, but more in the "single tear trickles down the cheek" way instead of "bawling my eyes out and can't speak for crying"
    i don't think i'm expressing this right
    what i'm saying is, i like this piece a lot

    3 months ago