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The One

February 11, 2021


We've all got stories. The stories we tell to our parents on the way home. The stories we tell with our favorite people, laughing with our friends. The stories we plan to tell our children and grandchildren. We look around us and we see the people that shape us and the stories we tell. We see our teachers and our friends and our mentors and the people we don't like. They make us who we are. They are our stories. In ten years, twenty years, thirty years, we will still tell the stories about how we met our first love, when we failed our first test, when we had our hearts broken, when we fought with our parents, when we faced our demons, when we won our battles. Those are our stories. Our children will hear how brave we were and how scared we were and how passionate we are.
It all comes down to the people around us. Our teachers. Our friends. Our family. They are our stories. They are us. They are why we are brave and scared and passionate. I just have one question.
Could I be the one that you talk about in your stories? The stories that you tell your parents on the way home? The stories you tell your friends? The stories you will tell to your children and grandchildren? Could I be the one that lives on through your stories?


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  • McK13

    This piece holds such a purposeful and deep meaning. I absolutely love these words! Thinking about who will tell in our stories and who’s stories we will be in is such a beautiful thing on how we can influence each other’s lives maybe without even knowing it. This is an incredible, relatable idea and you are such a wonderful writer!

    3 months ago
  • maya.smith

    wow this is beautiful!! to me, this seems like it's got a deep meaning and message to this!

    3 months ago
  • Kasilee

    And in the end it isn't who we were behind closed doors
    It is who we were to the people who will live after us
    Because it is they that will truly tell our whole story
    And they'll tell it like how they saw it

    3 months ago