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Message to Readers

I’m not sure where I was going with this, and I’m not sure I actually stuck to the prompt, hut at least I wrote something, right? I’d love to hear your response to it and any suggestions you have :)

As always, comment if you want a review and barelybear will get right there! (I think I’m way too proud of that rhyme lmao)

The Plunge

February 11, 2021

This year has been full of wooden planks. We started off laying them down, motivated by payment and appearance, not by the poor family about to move in. Then guilt and bitterness clogged up the plush carpet we’d strewn across unfinished cracks, wove themselves into the intricate swirls we carved. Now, of course, the wool has frayed, and in places we can see sickly grinning gaps where the wood underneath has rotted away. 

So we’ll rebuild, we are rebuilding, from the foundations: for sometimes it takes a creaky board or a leaking roof to finally kick us into improvement. We now know of the splintering planks we passed off as marble slabs. We now know of the decay our house has been built upon. We now know that there’s nothing worse than the long plunge as your heart sinks and your foot falls through a gap you didn’t know was there. 
So inspired by all the other responses to this prompt! (Wow haha I’m turning into one of those cheesy footnotes people). Seriously, every piece I’ve read has been so deep and powerful 
You guys are way too talented <3


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  • Nyla

    Oh my, I think this is my favourite pandemic metaphor out of all of them I've read! You just weave in your metaphor to reality so well it really leaves me thinking throughout the whole piece! Your descriptions are so vivid, and I love the formatting (how the first paragraph is sad and the next is more empowering). The second paragraph, like wow, you just detail really well what we've actually discovered in a metaphor, like "We now know of the decay our house has been built upon" just wow! LOL cheesy footnote people! And lol, you should be proud of that rhyme- they're the hardest thing in the world!!
    RE: Awww thank you so much! I’m so glad you thought it had a sophisticated tone! And I will definitely continue!

    Haha! Aw yeah, good for you on trying (although it did not read like a FIRST song) And aw of course!
    Awwww, thank youuu and you are too!!! And oooh nice, and haha, yeah, that’s why it was definitely a shock! (Although to be honest, aren’t those the kids that always end up dating XD)

    Haha, lol, my mum was talking to my aunt yesterday (my mum’s side of the family lives in England) so I know why you’re saying that, but over here it’s practically the same price as braces (cause orthodontics aren’t covered by the government)
    Oh my! That must have been so horrible! I can’t even IMAGINE taking that much extra care of my teeth for so long! And the pain! And the time away from gum! Oh my- I’m just going to stop imagining it all together! Oooh nice- I don’t think my mouth is going to feel all too different (as I do get to take mine out when I eat hehe, but my teeth will definitely feel stronger -once they don’t have constant pressure)

    Awww, but chocolate is the best present ever anyways (can’t call yourself British if you think otherwise- speaking of which, I once had a boy in my class who was born in England and moved to Canada as a baby and he was the only kid who didn’t like chocolate!! I knowww!! Also, another sidetrack- what’s your favourite English chocolate?)
    And hahah yeah- she’s really spoiled lol. (I’m alloooooweeed to say that- we’re kind of friends and whenever we talk with our other friends we always tease her about it- lightheartedly of course and she joins in cause she knoooows she’s spoiled XD.)

    Yes and oooh nice, ooh do you get to walk in the field with a notebook and just breathe in the inspiration? XD
    Oooh, haha, second year here (“year” 9 is when it starts- but it’s “year” 6 there, right?) Haha, and aww sweet! HAHAH lollll, “time for tea” (no, I can’t even make fun of you cause I have tea time too- only cause of my mum, all my friends are always confused lol)

    Haha, it looks odd in writing but I know I’ve heard it before, but anyways, I know what you mean! Haha, I live in the suburbs, so not super city but also not super farm. We have some fruit picking farms not too far though! Wow, once an hour! But haha I see your conundrum (loll, scared of cows? Are they really that scary?) and yess, I honestly wonder where I will decide to live when I’m older (maybe I’ll just move around a ton, I will after all be a doctor and have enough money to XDD)

    Yesss! I’ve finally convinced the great Ellie!! HAHA, wait- no I have never seen that, let me search it up. NOOO I can’t find it!! Oh well, I have enough of an image in my head to remember forever XD But HAHA of course the would never leave your head- it’ll be the last thing you do, forget a white light, it’s “You’re in zee car” And haha, good to know you’re sane, LOL!

    HAHA, love the accents in there! And ahh, wait- you got me! I walked into my own trap! And aww thank you, haha yes! They were exactly like that (side note: my science teacher this year gave the people who got perfect on the test animal stickers like that and he asked us what one we wanted in front of the whole class, I felt so bad for the people who didn’t get perfect! But a lot of people did cause we get like a half page cheat sheet LOL- it’s just for grade 9 and 10!! And it’s still hard cause so many of our questions are application so we really can’t prepare but yeah, some parts are easier cause of the sheet hehe) And yes, I know, it just helps for some reason!

    And NOOO, I am truly the sucker!! How unfair! Ooh but wait, I get a longer summer break hehehehe!!! And ooooh that’s nice! How did you get to be a CA? Or what is it that you do? (Also feel free to take some time to respond to this comment now cause loll you’l have to write so much hahaaa, double sucker!)
    And awww that sucks but oooh the chocolate seems to scream yay! What chocolate is the question?
    And hahahaha!! Lolllll! HAHAH love that description. I would give one but you’ll see me when I post my spoken word piece! (Just gotta coordinate my washing hair days lol- it’s crazy what a difference that makes!)

    Also haha don’t worry at all- my comment is super long as well (and I love reading your long ones, they’re so much fun!) the only thing is it takes a while to respond heheh (don’t worry about responding super fast, I know you’ll have seen it and aren’t ignoring me XD)

    Thank youuu!! Hope you did too!!

    6 months ago
  • Odysseus

    RE: Thanks so much for your comment, it made my day. I think you understand. :) Have a great day!

    7 months ago
  • Parisienne

    Re: eugh IK lockdown really is the worst. I'm glad exams have been cancelled too, good luck with your GCSE's (IK they're not an exam but its probs still stressful). Yeah I'm doing A levels :(. Woahh thats crazy, I live in the south east but thats still not that different, and you get to visit wales? How cool!

    7 months ago
  • Parisienne

    re: Thank you so much for your adorable comment. You are SO kind!! Also very proud of your commitment to tea (seeing as we’re both from the UK – you are the one who is truly patriotic by the sounds of things haha :D). Where are you from in the UK, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m in the South of England. (Doesn’t lockdown just suck? Hope you’re okay) <3

    7 months ago
  • sci-Fi

    Re: please forgive me for the following fangirl rant.
    aight, i ship drarry just as much as the next insomniac potterhead, but i also love hinny. ginny is such a queen and it kind of makes sense that harry would fall for her (better her than hermione or cho-crybaby-chang). They have a super cute healthy relationship that clearly works, which i think harry just needs. even though drarry would have been such a good plot twist, realistically it wouldn't have worked long term. plus i'm already overly obsessed with wolfstar. and hinny is just jily 2.0 in my mind, and jily 1.0 is elite.
    btw have u read carry on?

    7 months ago
  • WrenBirdWrites

    Re: Glad I could give the insight! And I will say, you're very welcome and your writing is truly lovely. :)

    7 months ago
  • WrenBirdWrites

    This is absolutely beautiful! Love the metaphor you used <3

    7 months ago
  • Parisienne

    You are so talented! Love this analogy. (lmao I laughed at the little rhyme in your message box) :)

    7 months ago