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humanity is an ant colony

February 21, 2021

humanity is an ant colony disregarded by too many celestial feet
fragile already, obscurity upon obscurity piled together to mimic society
and when we fell we were a collective sigh

ants flee and die and forget their lives but some stay and rebuild with tiny steps

the colony we created was a mockery of before
but safer from the giants
and safer from the storm 

razor sharp teeth cut little leaves in a pretence of productivity
the swarm still stands but we forget how to move our legs so others understand
we forget how to build structures to the sky but we remember how to huddle
and pray it'll be alright

humanity is an ant colony that collapsed in the storm
but ants always return and there are always more;

more fighters and workers and dreamers and lambs
more huddlers and leaf cutters and warriors of the damned

an ant colony is a collective of obscurity 
but an ant colony never ceases to swarm


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  • Vista of Grace

    An ant colony is exactly what we are. In every aspect. There are ants who fight back against us, some who get food from our kitchens and others who build their home up underground.

    7 months ago