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The job of a writer is to challenge, to inspire and to spark hope. It is with one breath to affirm the reader and to place them in the uncomfortable position of having to face reality. We write to create, not to destroy. To offer wisdom, in whatever form that may take. But do we really write our stories, or do our stories write us?

Ink for Blood

February 11, 2021


I was born with ink for blood
Words are stoppered up inside me
All at once out they flood
To cover me and hide me

The pen nestles in my hands
And thoughts flow through it from me
Men wrestle in the land
But their planes will never bomb me

For my life is not in flesh but mind
And when you cut me ink pours forth
Inky blackness unresigned
To float aimless, to miss true north

If you do not know where true north is
Not even my words can tell you
My words which bubble up and fizz
With life to condemn or compel you

Ink! with endless possibilities
Ink! which surges, rises, flows
Ink! the sum of my abilities
Ink! which all things honest knows

Ink! to shape however I wish
Ink! with which to move the mountains
Ink! for painting spires and fish
Ink! which wells from me in fountains

I wrote this down once before:
I was born with ink for blood
Little strokes which end the war
Little strokes blossom from the bud.


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