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Girls Basketball vs Boys Basketball

May 11, 2015

My favorite sport is boys basketball it used to be girls basketball but they got pretty boring so, I started watching boys basketball to keep up with everyone else in the world. When I first started watching boys basketball  was when Lebron James was still playing  for Miami Heat which was about 2.5 years ago.

I like boys basketball better than girls basketball because the game doesn't get so intense as the boys do its like when the boys want to win a game or go after something in the game they do it they just don't prance around and have someone tell them to go after it they just do it.

Boys basketball to me is like an rush through your body when everyone gets involved especially when your with your family and, your each going for different teams when your team scores a point everyone thats going for that team cheers and gets so excited then, everyone starts making bets on who they think will win.

Girls basketball can improve a lot by having some players who want to win and that can help their team go to the top instead of having people that they think will be successful in their team but in all actuality their not that good to even help their team rise up instead of falling down. Also I think girls basketball can improve by the girls having a little bit more motivation about what their playing why they are playing the game some people can be playing basketball to help supoort their family and help themselves get out of where they used to be and start something new.

Girls basketball could also improve by having teammates who will lift each other up at all times instead of being Debbie downers to their team for an example, when your teammate scores a three pointer and win the game be excited for them jump,yell,scream do something just don't sit there and clap your hands get up and be excited that your team won a game. 


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