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10 Truths About Being a Triplet

September 2, 2014



One of the many mysteries in life is how triplet life works. Not many people would understand how that life works unless you actually have a triplet lifestyles. Here are some helpful truths to this mysterious life:

  1. You never get the spotlight in life.
  2. You have to fight for attention.
  3. Unless you're identical, people will assume you're cousins.
  4. No one understands your relationships with each other.
  5. Everyone thinks you like the same things.
  6. The oldest is the most responsible, the middle is the most energetic, and the third is babied the most.
  7. The blame is rarely shared equally.
  8. People will always ask, "Do you fight a lot?"
  9. Reactions are expected, Triplets make fun of them behind your back.
  10. No matter what, you always have a problem with who gets to drive or gets shotgun.

I am a triplet. These are based off of my experiences.


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