A Breath Into Silence

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returning from beyond the grave for reasons i will not explain.

i'm not scared of the dark, and i'll light the way for you if you're afraid to be alone.

INFP | 18 | she/they

Message to Readers

I continue my trend of shitposting bad poetry and no I won't stop.

Anyways the last line was a bit of a title-snatch from Christopher Paolini's "To Sleep in a Sea of Stars" and honestly I'm conflicted about that book but I love the title so here we are.

song of the elven-queen

February 10, 2021


and so we come to rest
among the stars. this ship has carried us
so far but no more, and now we are cut
free from the moorings to drift.
so tell me a story, a beautiful story. fill it
with all the light of the universe, fill it
with all the love of the universe. fill it.
together we shall dream of
beautiful things in this sea of stars.


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  • Ava Marie

    This is so beautiful!!

    23 days ago