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This is for my two favourite characters, whose story isn't currently on WriteTheWorld, but hopefully will be up soon!

Inventory of Idgie and Theo

May 11, 2015

PROMPT: Inventory


Theodore (Theo) Marcus Carter, 15, somewhere in Australia (undecided)

In Theo's dark leather satchel:

matching leather-bound notebook,

a Sharpie,

almost always a chocolate bar,

his phone,

a ball of string,

a pewter chain with a small pumice stone charm,

a knife,

and a photograph of Idgie and himself.


Imogen (Idgie) Elizabeth Rodgers, 15, somewhere in Australia (undecided)

In Idgie's denim rucksack:

a bundle of eight notepads (seven used),

a mechanical pencil,

three pictures: of Theo, of her mother and father, and of Theo and herself together,

a spare knitted sweater,

her phone,

and her headphones.


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