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Lilith (footnotes!)

February 10, 2021


       The sky had started to swell and fill, making the horizon occupied solely by bulbous storm clouds. Lilith stands by the kitchen window, wringing a coral colored dishtowel between her spotted hands. Storms are never a good sign - her mother had once said that rainstorms were just God crying, but Lilith wonders what could make God hold this much disdain. 
It's summer in Parasol Point, and the air is sticky with sweat and disdain. Rainstorms have been becoming more frequent with the swaying of the tides and the ebb and flow of tourists looking to find a California-esque surfing town, but instead finding a grey mess of heat and thunder mixed with the sound of waves. Eventually, towards the middle of July, they begin to realize that their summer vacation dreams don't settle down here, so they slowly pack up their vacation houses and drive away, surfboards stacked on top of their minivans. After they leave, it becomes a sort of ghost-town lull of the highest order. The everyday ocean-side dwellers slowly become the tourists of their own ventures; playing whack-a-mole at the boardwalk becomes slightly more sentimental when you realize that you have extensive knowledge of everyone there. Lilith had sat on the beach at sunset last Saturday, sipping blue raspberry Freezie-Freeze's that she and Chevy had gotten for free from Mr Palladio who runs the novelty ice cream stand on the far left of the boardwalk. Chevy and Lilith had sat on pink towels, twirling sad between their toes as they watched Fable dance and splash in the smaller waves. Fable looks strikingly like both Lilith and their mother; they both are scrawny, with thin hips and auburn hair which has a tendency of gaining a striking amount of volume when dried after drowning in sea water. Apparently, the genes had chosen to skip over the middle child, leaving Chevy with a shorter, fuller figure. With her dark hair and blue eyes, she could have easily passed as anyone else's child, yet here she is, more alike to her sisters then she cares to admit. 
    Back at the kitchen window, Lilith watches as the storm cloud slowly begin to let the droplets of water loose, allowing their tears to grace the solid ground. 
sooo.... this is very very far from being done. but I decided I'd publish it for now, her what you all think so far, and then add more things (hopefully every day) as I try to decide the story line (hopefully in a few days it'll blossum into a full short story!)


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  • Sophiascb

    I like this! The names are really cool and I love the tone of this piece. It has me wondering what the story is going to continue to be!

    3 months ago
  • xx carolina xx

    Ooh, I would love to review this, if you would let me.

    3 months ago