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(I’m so tempted to put the stereotypical /next time on Regan and Caspian The Series/ but I’ll hold back.. for now.)

Synopsis of part 3 though, a little rough and it might be changed but here’s the plan.

Reagan and Caspian meet up for lunch, realize they have no friends and vow to try to meet people and not be social hermits. Later that day in a class they have together, they get invited to a party (enter socialization) and they agree to go. Depending on how long it is at this point the party may or may not be added, so we’ll see.

Reagan and Caspian Series: Part 2

February 9, 2021


       Reagan didn’t understand why he signed up for an early morning class. Early morning, in his case of course, happened to be 8:45, but he hated his decision anyway. To make matters worse, his dreaded early class was none other than Intro to Calculus, the class in which Reagan despised, but later found that Caspian adored. 

   It had been  a week since the boys had moved in, and they could hardly look each other in the eye without abandoning ship and retiring to their rooms. Neither of them seemed to be very socially inclined, despite Reagan’s assumption that Caspian was extroverted. Maybe I read him wrong.
Even so, Reagan picked up things here and there from shared meals or dialogue in passing. One of those snippets was that Caspian was taking many math classes, supposedly interested in majoring in some sort of math-like subject. Which Reagan couldn’t wrap his head around, but at least that math wasn’t his problem. His problem was his blaring alarm.

   Reagan ignored the shrill notes coming from his phone for as long as he could stand before reaching to hit the snooze button. Nothing was worse than waking up. Apparently waking up for school wasn’t optional, however, so Reagan made the wise decision to get up and attempt to be a decent human being. 


    The eggs sizzled and popped, splattering all over Caspian’s bare hand. He pulled away from the hot pan, abandoning the handle in favor of turning down the heat. He was admiring, or more like scowling, at his handiwork when Reagan shuffled in, his face scrunched up in disgust. 
 “What is that smell?”

   “That,” Caspian answered, promptly pouring the ruined eggs down the garbage disposal, “was our breakfast.”
  When Caspian turned around to gage his roommates' reaction, he found that Reagan still looked quite appalled. 

   “That was… food?”
  “Yeah, they were eggs. Fried, then scrambled, then-”
  “Charcoal,” Reagan finished.

   “No!” Caspian defended. His efforts were useless, though. Even he had to admit that whatever was on that pan was atrocious. “Just misunderstood… and slightly burnt.”
  Reagan scoffed, opening the fridge, “Slightly?”
  Caspian caught what his roommate had tossed him, which happened to be a small container of yogurt. 
 “I think we should start getting ready,” Reagan started with his mouth full of blueberry yogurt. “I don’t exactly want to be late.”
  With a quick glance at the clock, Caspian agreed and began shoveling yogurt down his throat and washing it down with tea he had prepared earlier. That reminded him.
  “I made you coffee,” he said before leaving to get dressed in his room. “It’s in the microwave, you might have to nuke it.”
  His roommate who couldn’t make eggs could make exquisite coffee, which is all Reagan really needed. Reagan took his time while Caspian rushed around the dorm in preparation. He was apparently looking forward to his first class. 
  “Where are you going that has you so excited?”
 “A hot date,” Caspian answered without hesitation, “with a calculus class, but all the same.”
  “Not the same, but okay,” then, as if an afterthought he said, “You don’t happen to have Schrieber do you?”
  “Yeah, actually,” Caspian through his bag over his shoulder, “why?”
“Hmm, suppose I could walk you to class then.”
  Caspian screwed up his face, “why?”

   Boy, was this kid dense.

   “No reason,” he lied, expecting Caspian to catch on quickly. When awkward seconds passed and he still looked confused, Reagan mumbled, “Cause I have the same class. Thought that was obvious.”

   “Oh! Why didn’t you just say so?”
   Reagan was going to end up killing this man.


    Reagan was going to end up killing me. He walked way too fast than should be humanly possible, swerving between crowds of people effortlessly while Caspian trailed miserably behind. Still, he picked up his pace and hiked his satchel higher on his shoulder. 

   “Are you always in such a rush?” Caspian finally called. 

   “I thought you didn’t want to be late,” Reagan said. It wasn’t a question, but Caspian still answered. 

    “Yeah, but there’s no need to show off your crazy long legs and take off. It’s not a race or anything, in case you weren’t aware.”

   Reagan threw him an odd look. “I wasn’t even going that fast, shortstop.”

   Caspian gaped at his smirking roommate. “You did not just passive aggressively insult my height. Tell me I didn’t just hear that.”

   “I think that would be lying,” Reagan looked at Caspain from the corner of his eyes, “and lying’s against my morals.”

   “But making fun of short people isn’t?” Caspian remarked, somehow still keeping up with his roommate.

   “Nope,” Reagan said, popping the p on his simple reply. 
  “Well I think your morals are royally screwed, Mr. Beanstock.”


   They had reached their classroom, Reagan with reluctance and Capsian with too much excitement than was strictly necessary. The professor, a gangly middle aged man with a neon tie, greeted them at the door with a wide smile. Reagan was surprised he didn’t attempt to high five all the students of the way in. Must’ve taken some restraint. 
  “What are you smiling about?” Caspian asked as they found a seat directly in the middle of the large classroom. 

   “Positive teachers,” Reagan gave his simple response while he pulled out his textbook (the most expensive one, he might add. Just made the class that much more unlikeable.).
  “Ah, we love full thoughts.”
 “I don’t know,” Reagan turned around in his chair to look at the teacher who was still smiling and waving at his students, “do you think he’s faking it? How happy can he be to be teaching a bunch of kids? And about math, no less.”
 Caspian frowned. “Maybe it’s just his passion. You like history, right? Maybe he’s just as confused as to why you like learning about presidents and all that.”
  “History isn’t just about presidents, shortstop.”
  “Obviously, I’m short not stupid.”

   The teacher had closed the doors with a loud thunk before Reagan could respond. The teacher practically skipped down the stairs (was he wearing tap shoes?) to stand behind his desk. He began his intro, gave them their syllabus, and started their first lesson.

   Reagan was busy scribbling down notes so he didn’t form his question until later that night, while he was wrapped up in bed and drifting off to sleep. But he wondered, how did Caspian know I liked history?
I don’t want Caspian to just be the dumb blonde who can’t cook, but for the life of me I can’t seem to make him into a person without like. Thinking of a tragic past for him. And I’m steering clear of that road. So any suggestions as to what I can add to Caspian to make his a bit more real?

(sorry if the spacing is awkward, I copied and pasted it from docs and it just deleted all spaces and tabs. better than copying it down though.)


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  • Paisley Blue

    really? i don't think caspian is a dumb blonde at all!! i mean, he's in a bunch of math classes, he's pretty good (from what i've seen) at reading people, and... idk, he just seems to be book-smart. i guess? idk. you could definitely include more of him being really observant and reading people well - i feel like so far, that's one of his strengths. but in addition, just keep getting to know him, i guess? write some practice scenes, maybe in the past or future, just to get a feel for more of his strengths and weaknesses and habits - stuff like that. good luck!! :)

    3 months ago
  • Halopoet

    Is this the cutest thing ever or is this the cutest thing ever? I will think up a past and let you know.

    3 months ago
  • Quiet One

    The back and forth bantering between these two is the cutest thing EVER!

    3 months ago