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charlie - he/they - 16
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the delicacy i strive to write with serves to hide the fact im permanently yelling
summer is a feeling i hope draws near soon~

Message to Readers

wow okay so a bunch of things to say here!
1.) thanks to the lovely bunch of you who have suddenly supported me it's been lovely having your support!
2.) i have absolutely no clue how to write stories, like im genuinely aghast at my own writing at times but this was short enough as to where i thought id give it a shot so as always don't spare me any mercies in what you might have to say ( ̄▽ ̄)
3.) i don't know how external communication works on this site but id love to chat over discord if any of you have it, my tag is listen in my author message!

to discuss this piece i really wanted to create a specific feeling through the setting and discuss the way that one might fall in love with a person but how the world around them enhances that. i thought using words like "pipered" (referencing the funny little bird) and the way the love interest both serves as a grounding of the location and as the object of affection was something that i thought would be lovely to play around with! this is getting much too long but yesyes that's all i have to say!

have a wonderful day everyone!

Seabound Love

February 9, 2021

PROMPT: 25 Words

Bubbling carafes garland storefront, "Two cubes!", pipered precious Seabound. Coffee antinomously oceanview, dearly strewn, unlike your shoreline. Enamored by Seabound's typical order: sugar not salt... 


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  • February 9, 2021 - 4:26pm (Now Viewing)

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  • useless :)

    uhm...teach me ur ways XD. who comes up with a line like "Coffee antinomously oceanview, dearly strewn, unlike your shoreline." when they claim they don't know how to write these?! seriously tho, i love this. the way you describe the emotions and the ideas portrayed in this piece was so beautiful. you're super talented. as for some of the points in your message box, unfortunately they don't have private messaging or anything, so if you want to talk to anyone on here you have to do the "re:" thing back and forth...tedious ik, haha.

    3 months ago