Peer Review by Suri Purefoy (United States)

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By: InTheNow

PROMPT: Open Prompt

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Each and every faint line indented into your face, how your pupils dilate, expanding and contracting like your stomach does when you breathe, every little wisp of hair that is not quite flat against your head, every freckle, every mark, every this what you see?

She looks in the mirror, torn fingernails that she bit during the day brushing strands of loose hair from her dim face. And her eyes lower, for she cannot bear to witness the person who looks back at her. A faint reflective glimmer appears in the corner of her eye and she must look back to herself. Her eyelids close and open again, and again. She stands there, wondering whether to face herself again. And it is so.

The birthmark is under her eye, smudged there permanently, like someone tried to erase Sharpie from her skin and then couldn't make it go away. So they just kept erasing until the mark spread from the crease of her lower lashline all the way to the bridge of her nose, imprinting every single detail across her face like watercolors on parchment paper.

She sighs. She sighs because that's all she can muster, because she's dissapointed in herself for looking this way.

But what she doesn't realize is that this birthmark, this birthmark is what makes her unique. She doesn't realize that when she walks down the hallways at school, urgently tugging on her hair, hoping to cover up the mark, that someone thinks it makes her look beautiful. She doesn't realize that she doesn't need to apply layer upon layer of foundation in the morning in order to hide the mark. It's only hiding who she is. She doesn't realize that to her mom and her dad she is the perfect human being, and they adore every single living piece of her. And she doesn't realize that her brothers very definition of the word beautiful...

Is her.




Hope you enjoy :)

Peer Review

I would tell them how beautiful and inspiring this piece of pure artwork is.

When she sees that her birthmark is her uniqueness.

I was curious in all of it, but none of it confused me.

Reviewer Comments

This is a true, lovely, LOVELY piece of art that I, if I could, hang in a museum for forever. It's beautiful and I adore the message you include. Thank you for writing this!