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Left to the will of the Blue

February 21, 2021

  • the message in a bottle someone found on the beach. What does it say? (Delia Rune)
Dear Blue  
Do you read our letters?
Toss them gently in your waters?
Trace our words with salty breathe?
Pity the mortals?
Mock our desperation?
Hurl our prayers around like curses till they fall to the deep deep deep depths?
I like to think you are a kind immortal 
I like to think you guide our messages so they land like kisses on some distant shore
I like to think you deliver our prayers to the souls we unknowingly seek 
If that be so, Blue 
I ask only one thing; Deliver this message to someone who needs it, someone who needs to hear this 
I know you will find them 
As they stand beside your silence and long for the deep deep deep depths   
So send them this message Blue, I'm trusting you.
Dear friend 
I do not know you 
But you are loved 
So very loved 
So step away and turn around 
You are capable of so much more 
You deserve happiness 
You deserve so much 
And I love you 
So step away   

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1 Comment
  • BizzleWrites

    This is so beautiful, honestly. I really really love this piece. Like, you are a REALLY AMAZING writer.

    7 months ago