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Message to Readers

im aware this is bad but it was fun
i used facts about the planets (from NASA website) and tried to incorporate them in the poems haha

Left to the will of the Blue

February 18, 2021

  • a poem mentioning three cities or countries (Fabiana250)
(i uh, used planets, so yeah (i know pluto is technically a dwarf but shh))


The messenger
The mother
The monster

she smiles at me and clings to the light
never sleeping, never dreaming
heart of rock and eyes like stone
the messenger who never strays from home
hold me tight in cold embrace
love the light and hate the chase

she throws her arms wide to us all
a miracle, unexplainable, life giver
she fades but still embraces 
mother with a billion mouths to feed
let them burn let them scream
she walks the streets and never crosses to the other side
she hugs the darkness

she was forgotten 
she was lost
she aches in orbit, separate 
soul of ice and heart that breaks
but mind that rains blood snow
turquoise sky and dancing thoughts
the underworld lives behind her eyes
this monster wasnt born she was created 

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1 Comment
  • McK13

    This is so stunning! I love how you used planets, gave each planet a role, and used figurative language to personify the planets! It's wonderfully done and incredibly creative :)

    8 months ago