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Monochrome-the Vice

May 13, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


It's definitely a tad childish but who said the beginning was as straight as a roman road? Everyone has a different outlook on the colors which we see everyday. But if the world were black and white would there be any stimulation for doing work? Spreading love? An incentive? Breathing? Living? My point exactly.
It's a miscellany we can't do without.



the vice

Black is the epitome for darkness,
An all thinks desolate and bleak.
Purple gives us the incentive- the hope what we seek.
Pastel yellow is the sun
Which glistens our day,
While blue is the color 
Of the scintillating bay
For green nature and trees
Is what we perceive,
Always transcending prosperity and peace
Is what we believe.
Bronze is the talisman of money and wealth,
While grey is the mark of
Secrets, combat and stealth.
Azure is the color of the land between the living and the dead,
On a pleasurable summer's day,
While red is the color,
Of promise and irrevocable love that never fades away.
Orange holds the key,
For a rich and joyous celebration,
And navy-blue is the garment,
Of that youth with the sparkling eyes,
On the last golden day~ graduation.
Dark green is the steak of
Intense greed and hegemonizing jealousy, 
while gold carries the oath of buoyancy and harmony.
Pink was the token,
of that girl's childhood,
While brown is the color of the rich and dark wood.
For the mourning and for grief,
All is somber, pallid and white.
The camouflaged pattern,
is the young soldier,
Wearing the saffron, green and wheel of pride,
Gallantry and valor,
in every pace of his stride.
The omnipresent enrapturments,
Are the most holistic creations you will ever find,
Never failing to ensnare the mind.
But are these stupefying allures an illusory figment of the sense,
Is it just the ubiquitous restraint,
against monochrome~ Our only defense.


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