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likes to write about feelings. also loves to listen to music, go on walks, and make smoothies!

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snow days and achilles

February 7, 2021


i meant to come home to you but i got a bit lost,
the snow froze my feet. i am stuck.
i waited for you to find me, for that light in your
mind to miss my flame. i tried to melt the ground
with my love. i wasn’t made for the cold- i long
for sand beneath my skin, salty mist like a cloud
holding me up; but for you i would go miles,
my patroclus, my pelion, my peace.
if i could move i would be with you right now.

if i make it back, will you tell me what i missed?
if you found another or you wish to part i would
not blame you for i left my kindness on the road.
the burden of being is not something i hold freely
if not for snow i would be lounging by the bay.
my lashes are frozen, enclosed in crystal cruelty
and i think i am glad we had time
for if you saw me like this, winter’s harshness on 
my lips you would wonder if you ever kissed me there.

i thought i could not bear to be without you,
but in truth it would be worse if your vision of me
was no longer your achilles.



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  • happy butterfly

    wow erin,you really are something special.your talent is something special.words can be crafted by not even connecting to them and using other peoples words. but you, i see that your work is like nothing else,and you are as sincere as a gifted should and more

    3 months ago