Hi! I’m a 14 year old girl that loves to read, write, and do anything with words. I live in Canada and play hockey, softball and I dance. I’m an introvert and am almost always found with my nose in a book. (Mostly fantasy) I also love chocolat! :)

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How was 2020 for you? Any and all advice is appreciated! :)

2020 in 6 words

February 6, 2021

PROMPT: Pandemic Memoir



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  • anonymous_123 [Child of God]

    I think that I was meant to read these words from one of your last pieces about knowledge. “Knowledge is one of the most valuable gifts that a person can give. Don’t forget that.”
    I was told these exact words less than 24 hours ago! These exact ones including the never forget that. Wow.. thank you. I need to start thinking about this more! I try to provide so many people with knowledge so I think this means to continue doing this and continue spreading it. Actually now that I’m thinking about I was told that knowledge is power never forget that. But still close enough! :)

    3 months ago