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Glee Inspires Me...

May 9, 2015



I love a number of television shows, Glee being one of them. I think it's a brilliant idea which Fox pulled off so well, and the characters and storylines get to me like hardly anything does. Whilst I was watching, a feeling of ambition flooded through me-you could say that I was having a Rachel Berry moment. My ambitions-namely, becoming an author and actress-came more to light and this evening I have been scouring the internet for opportunities in both areas. Luckily, I've found some things, and I'm pleased to write this article with a happy feeling. I'm well aware that becoming famous takes a lot of hard work, but I'm prepared to work for it. I'll slog through the two years left of school I have-actually, no, I'll thrive- and then I'm busting out of town and hitting the big time. For now, I'm going to work my butt off becoming who I want to be, starting with acting workshop. Fingers crossed!


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