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Message to Readers

idk if the ending is clear or not, and this is a tad longer than what i usually do, but if you've read it, i wanted to greatly thank you.

spend a wonderful day/night!!

seaside shards

February 5, 2021

  • the message in a bottle someone found on the beach. What does it say? (Delia Rune)


If you're currently having the pleasure to read this, I'm assuming you've found my bottle and that it didn't get lost within the sea, washed away with all the shells I've found in the sand. It's me, your dearest sister, Tiana. It's been a while since I've seen you, but I hear your voice everyday. 

I hear it at shore, when you think no one's listening. I hear it at night, when you assume everyone's asleep, and from the soothing sound of your softest hums, I know it's you. But of course, the question had come to my spirit; where were you? 
Mother claims you're up in the sky, which I find rather peculiar after she had just told me the odd-looking box, that apparently held you in, was underground. 

It hadn't made much sense to me. As I would voice my intrigue to all the grown-ups, they had this painted look of sadness on their face. I still didn't get it. And then they'd look at me, with that same look of sorrow, and tell me that I was too young to get it. At eleven years old, I'm only a few years away from being a woman! What more do they have to keep from me? 

Then, as a sign of fate, the answer to all my questions had come to me; sitting in the form of an old man in the small, rugged up library in the village. He was counting the olden tales of spirits and magic that had tainted our universe from years on now. I had never paid much mind to it, until, he started the chilling tale of the broken mermaid. 

He started the tragic story recalling how the mermaid, with her smooth dark skin and hair, contrasting the emerald green eyes of hers, had been kidnapped away for her beauty, and brought to land by an evil witch. The sorcerer then dared to cast a spell on the girl, shielding her from her mermaid magic and masking her memories. Luckily, a poor peasant woman had found the mermaid, now turned human, left alone in the witch's shack, and taken her into her home as her own. 

Her peaceful life quickly came to an end, after the sorcerer came back eleven years later; this time, with the intention to kill the mother and take back the beautiful girl. In an unexpected turn of events, the witch hadn't aimed right and the spell had ended up aimed on none other than the mermaid! It was only by good fortune, that the spell hadn't ended up killing her, but instead simply destroyed the shield that was masking the girl from her mermaid origins. 

The humans had assumed she was dead, but in reality, she had returned peacefully at sea. At night, you could hear her playing the flute, accompanying the sounds of the waves, a song called the Witch's Shattered Dreams. 

When people called the old man crazy after he claimed it was a true tale, I was the only to believe him. How could I not? It was clear; the story was none other than yours! The pretty mermaid with the fascinating green eyes, mother claiming she had found you and not birthed you, and the mermaid living with them for eleven years, the same time I've known you since my birth. It was all too much to be a coincidence. The one thing that the man had gotten wrong though, was the flute; I knew it was actually just the sound of your eerily gorgeous singing. 

And so, I wanted to tell you, I hope you find comfort in your time away at sea. I miss you greatly, but I know that it is truly where you belong. Forget me not, my beloved sister. As I too shall not forget the sound of your singing, the way you held me when I was afraid, our walks by the shore, and the stories you read to me at night. Visit me soon, now would you? 

Yours truly, 

The mermaid stared at the letter. As the cold wind brushed through her hair, she let the sigh echo with the sound of the night's howl. At last, she dunked her head and let the water consume her, as she swam all the way to boulder on the side of shore. 

There, as she got her head out of water, she was met with another cold chill, cooler than the ocean's caress; none other than the presence of-

"Angie, it's for you I think," She said, throwing the bottle to the one perked on the stone, rocking herself along with the breeze. 

As her fingers curled around the bottle, her eyes soared through the paper in a matter of minutes. When she pulled the letter down, the mermaid saw her tears, adorning the ghost's cheeks. 

The mermaid cleared her throat, "She believes..." 

"Let her believe, it is all I could do for her." 

Swimming a bit closer with her tail, she looked at the deteriorating spirit with a saddened look, "Well, she had gotten one thing right, that most people don't." 

"And what is that?" 

"Your singing. She recognized it's you, and not some silly flute I play." 

Angie sighed. "Then singing shall I do, for the rest of her days, until she..." 

"Joins you too." 


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