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There's no greater joy than finding your own happiness. Everyone is gifted but not everyone sees it in time. What I want to say to you: try, make mistakes and learn from them, sooner or later you will see the light in front of you that shines brighter than the others - seek it and never let it go

Momentary existance

March 12, 2021


When I'm walking down the road alone
And the sun is shining brighter than before
Feel the wind brush against your cheeks
The memories, they just flood in

I remember how I used to go home
Talking about my day to you on the phone
My heart felt warmer when I heard your voice
I liked the way you said the words


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  • Nyla

    I really like this, it's so positive and yet there's depth to it when you use the word "remember". I really like the last two lines because they're very beautiful!

    7 months ago