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February 4, 2021

[intro:-slow music]

playing alone on the sands
dying to meet someone, hoping to not lose someone
when i was a child
waiting to find someone, scared of losing someone

and i, then i found you, playing alone beside me
me, i'd found a friend, yeah that i could see, yeah
you, you started talking we hit it off almost immediately
then why do i find myself standing alone on the streets

i found a friend, only to lose them
drove to your house today and then returned
i do hurt myself, thinking 
do you miss me?
when i reassure myself saying this
that you can't possibly be.

note:- would really love feedback on the first verse and chorus! i'm going for a really sad song, so if that does not still hit please let me know. it may sound confusing now but i've got the song backstory planned out [since this song is really personal haha.] i've got a beautiful tune stuck in my head so i think i'll record this!



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