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Grade: 9th
Pronouns: She/Her
Likes: Skiing, Art & Music, Science & Space
Random Fact: I am missing an adult tooth

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Flipside Effervescent

February 4, 2021

First deception past perfection
The anticipation friction
Don’t we have the wrong perception?
Seen from another dimension?
Ask a question turn direction
Some don’t bother mention that when
You see your reflection think
The worlds out of your comprehension

They the people rise
Leaving tears in their wake
So they dream but when they wake
They can’t see their mistake
But they know the ache   
Like a taking heartbreak
Though they see the light sinking
They don’t know what's at stake

The flipside of effervescent
And the denied luminescent 
Are your eye souls iridescent?
I can't see them through the crescent 
No they’re fake shining fluorescent
Shiny hot and incandescent
Anxiety makes me ignescent 
While depression is quiescent

Still waters run deep
Gashes formed from pain
Filled from water that I weep
Scars in hearts remain
Truths echoe in truths
On impressions we rely
But souls don't always use
Windows through the eye

Pristine waters clear as glass
Cliffs expose a slim view
Beauty from within the crevasse
No illusions to hold on to
Love can hide but never lie
To one's own mind at least
We distract ourselves but why
Pretend the love had ceased?

High in the north 
When wind breaks her controls
Such places bring forth
The truth of our souls
Dive into the water
Diving deep down towards
Where the light has left her
My heart has Fjords

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