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War of Ingenium - Character Summary

February 5, 2021

PROMPT: A story in which a disaster occurs, leaving mortal enemies no choice but to bond in extreme circumstances.

The empire of Ingenium was different, cut off from the world because of its strange kingdoms. Elit, the kingdom of athleticism; Dolor, the kingdom of intelligence; Nominati; the kingdom of popularity; Fabrica, the kingdom of technology; Glossarium, the kingdom of artistry; and Procuratio, the kingdom of outcasts. They were mostly separate, its leaders and officials occasionally coming together for a meeting of the High Council, but beside that, the six kingdoms were each their own. But in recent months, there had been talk about a war. The news hadn't reported anything, neither had the government addressed it, but people were talking. Planning. Plotting.

Hazel Anderson is a typical 17-year-old girl with a brother for a best friend and two loving parents. She's a Dolorian, from the kingdom known for their intellect. Her specialty; literature, having spent her childhood with her nose in a book or a pen on a paper. Everyone knew Hazel was bound to become an author or literary professor as she took after her father, Andrew and Lena Anderson, the co-writers of numerous bestsellers. Her twin brother, Ash Anderson, was very good at science, chemistry especially. His fascination with elements and compounds never intrigued Hazel like books did, but they were the best of friends regardless.

Enter Jordan Briggs, an 18-year-old Elitian; the only child of Charles Briggs, a retired pitcher, and Annette Briggs, a famous soccer coach. Jordan's passion was for football, as was his grandfather's. Legacy was important in the Briggs family, and Jordan intended to live up to his parents' heritage. He had no siblings, but many friends and teammates were by his side, as well as his parents supporting him through it all. The Elitian culture was geared towards "athletics before academics", so sports took up most of his time and energy.

Next comes Fabrican 17-year-old Nicole Webster. A "computer genius" by blood, she takes after her mother Trish Webster, a mechanical engineer of great renown. Nicole's father, having passed away when she was really young, was a definite influence through the many journals he kept throughout his life. She had a particular knack for coding, and was an exceptional hacker. Nicole and her younger sister Anna Webster were similar in this, but Anna's purpose lie in engineering design and mechanical assembly. Their age gap was a mere six years, but Nicole treated Anna as an equal.

The family of Sandoval was known kingdom-wide for their dramatic talent. 18-year-old Alexander Sandoval, or Alex as the media called him, was no exception. His gift was for the theatre. His parents, Fritz and Jacqueline Sandoval, were French talk show hosts that moved to Ingenium. They were always off shooting episodes or interviews, so Alex spent most of his time with his neighbor and best friend Ryan Rowe. The kingdom of Nominati was a bit bigger than others because almost everyone had huge houses, paid off with their immense wealth. Actors, hosts, singers, dancers; Nominati had all the celebrities. Being a celebrity, but being one out of the spotlight, was fortunate for Alex, but frequently made him feel left out. Yet his talent for the dramatic arts surpassed this doubt.

The art of painting was a common yet complex craft, but Glossarian 17-year-old James Fuller was a pro. The gentle bristles of the brush and the many colors of the paint were natural to him for his parents, exceptional glassblowers Adam and Eliza Fuller, had introduced him to painting when he was very young. His older sister Jessie Fuller was not a painter nor a glassblower, but her ability lie in the delicate line of ceramics. Often times, James would partner with Jessie to paint something she sculpted, but other times, he stuck to his canvasses and oil paints.

The kingdom of Procuratio was often misunderstood because its people had no specific purpose. 18-year-old Sophie Campos was an absolute example. She was a political public speaker, her confident and outgoing nature recognized as leadership material, and Sophie was phenomenal at it. Her younger sister and brother Chris and Hailey Campos were the same way as young criminal justice activists. They were twins three years her prior, but Sophie supported them in every rally and peaceful protest against Ingenuim's law enforcment. Sophie herself spoke out against the goverment and its social standards, which put Procuratio at the bottom. They were no different than the others, so most Procuratians spoke up.

When war starts, citizens are told to use their strengths, despite fighting against those with completely different ones. These six teens are shoved into the battle, and later, after Ingenium officers join the mix, they are taken to the capital as prisoners of war. Pent-up in joint confinement was the punishment until the kingdoms agreed to end the war. Too many arguments and fights had occured, so no progress was made and the six mortal enemies are put together, forced to be with their rivals.
This is the character summary and a starting point for the plot. Not fully developed yet.
Needs peer reviews!!


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  • rosemarywisdom

    I LOVE this! These characters seem so interesting and I'm really excited to see where this goes! Your setting appears well developed and I'd love to see more of this :)

    4 months ago