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The Terrible Three

February 3, 2021

a 150-word story starting with the word “Pandemonium” (by Mahathi.S)

    Pandemonium came out of its home. Streets flooded with protesters with a false belief in themselves. Their eyes were full of vexation, the kind you definitely want to stay away from. The event was bad history in making. Windows were shattered and rooms broken into. Thousands watched live with horror and confusion. Some even with laughter. Patriots they called themselves. Traitors, they were actually. Some are unknown, and some are publicly known. It entirely wasn't their fault either. The main so called patriot had gave them the idea. The idea that caused the pandemonium. It was in making years ago and finally got applied. The base was strong, but inevitable change was up ahead. The light in a tunnel. Their ringleader was evacuated from the insurrection and charges, but everyone knows the truth. You don't need to yell out sugar for the ants to come. They just know.

A diary entry from the point of view of your favorite fictional character (credit the book and author in the comments!) (by sophiascb)

May 24
    I got good preys today. And even better trades in the Hob. Gale stumbled on a nightlock today and almost ate it. I laughed and threw it out of his hands. Prim lost her goat today for a while, but quickly found it later. I wish it was buttercup, but whatever.
    Tomorrow is my third reaping. I'm a bit scared, but I don't think I will get picked. I only have 12 entries on my name. Most people are so scared in the reaping, but I find it as an opportunity to help the family. Gale has 20 entries on his name, so I'm more scared for him. I mean, even if he gets picked, there's a decent chance he can win the Hunger Games. He's strong and knows how to hunt. And just imagine if he wins! He would get so much food and money. He would probably share some with me, but I would politely say no. Father would do that. "Let the odds be ever in your favor!"

A poem mentioning three cities or countries (Fabiana250)

I want to live in a beautiful house
That people who walk by stop and stare
To marvel and awe at the beauty of it
It would be a paradise for them, but for me a lare

It would be at tall as the skyscrapers in New York City
Hundreds of stories high
With rooms filled with jewels and things to make me smile with
So I never have the need to cry

It would have world breaker records like Dubai
Some would be the "Prettiest house of them all"
It would make the great history
Of the empire that would never fall

It would be as busy as Mumbai
The staff scurrying around like mice
The most loved ones would be the chefs
Who made delicious noodles and rice

It would be a beautiful house
With treasures and activities that would only come in your dream
Oh how happy everyone's faces would be
WIth mine radiating with beam
The best book ever a.k.a. - The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


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  • Sophiascb

    I love all of these, and thanks for using my prompt, it's really cool to see! Love this line from the first piece- "You don't need to yell out sugar for the ants to come."

    4 months ago
  • Zirong

    I like all of these! I especially adore the second one coz everyone likes The Hunger Games :)

    re: thank u so much :3 ur sweet comment really made my day~

    4 months ago
  • useless :)

    i love the hunger games!! ("thank you for your consideration" has a special place in my writer's message ;) anyway, i think all three of these pieces are so good!! i love how you described a single house using the three cities, that's a really cool idea :)

    4 months ago