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My name is Jeff.

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May 18, 2015

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Number of people I tollarate: 6 billion (There are only 6.5 billion people on the Earth). Number of pets I have: 9. Number of chickens I have: 4. Number of rabbits I have: 4. Number of dogs I have: 2. Number of things I know: Lemniscate. Number of books I've read: Not enough. Number of friends I don't want: All the crappy ones. Number of species on animalia I have hunted: 5 or so. Number of movies I've watched: 60. Number of campers I've had: 1. Number of fish I've caught: 243. Number of shoes I have(pairs): 5. Number of steps I've taken: 103,983,749,342 approxamatly. Number of letters I've typed: 1,026,394,756,342,903. Number of years I have: 15. Number of computers I've had: 6. Number of Planets I had and have inhabited: 1. Number of schools I've attended: 1. Number of English teachers I wrote this for who are reading this: 1.


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