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Lil Zay

Sports in General

May 11, 2015

What is sports? Where do sports come from? How do teams get there names? How does the sports itself get its name? All these are great questions and to find the answer you are gonna have to keep reading.     

If you really think about it what are so good about sports? It is kind of like a hobby and people have and they get good at it and go big and get payed. Wait, and people are technically watching them get money. Seriously, you go to a game and watch them score and get at least 10k every time they score or get a goal or touchdown. All the same thing at the end. 

What makes sports so special? If you think about it, it isn't quite the sports that make it special. It is the players that impact people that play the sport.  Take for instance Michael Jordan for basketball. He made a fortune off of shoes and playing basketball. He was the best off all time ofcourse. He made basketball more wanting to watch and himd doing that made other people want to watch and see if someone will come close to get as good as that. Take baseball too. Babe Ruth made everyone want to come to his games to see him hit a grand slam. He made baseball fun and wanting to watch. Wayne Douglas Gretzky is one of the best Hockey players ever. Now idk about you but hockey is very hard and the sport takes agility and balance and you can't be a punk or else you will not play. He made Hockey interesting even for me to watch it in our modern time now. Youtube you can look up his highlights and they are amazing. They called him,"The White Tornado." And last of all football. Football is a very good sport and I love it. I rather play then watch in my opinion, but Adrian Peterson is one of the main reasons anyone likes the Vikings. He has great rushing yards and people lok forward to seeing that.

Sports have a lot of fun features and it takes people's minds off of everything and they can enjoy a game a eat some peanuts and drink a Soda pop and just have fun. Everyone loves watching competition between people and agoning people on and not being able to get introuble for it.  



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