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My Silent Promise

February 3, 2021


White walls
Blue chairs
Identical rooms
People anxiously waiting for news
Every conversation is a hard one 
Legs pacing, unsteady breathing, hands shaking
Heads aching, eyes crying, on knees praying
Blaring sirens and flashing lights
Nights never end, time takes forever
I'm simply lucky, not deserving that I don't have to live this life
That far too many call ordinary
I didn't do a single thing to win any of my blessings
Meanwhile innocent children are going through life and death situations
As their parents make the toughest decisions
Can you even picture it? Or maybe you've already lived it, or been there to witness
This indescribable experience 
Where you are trapped in a hurricane filled with grief and relief
And you don't know when the pain will end, so you can be free from this misery
For thousands, this is a normal day
And I refuse to turn my back on this issue that so many others have
Because this is not okay
So the minute, no the second
That I looked into your eyes
As you held me in your arms
I knew I couldn't let go of that moment
And although I don't remember it
I know that it happened
And I know that I could never stop loving you
So I gave a vow that no matter what
I would do anything to hold on to you
But then reality hit
And gravity threw us straight to the ground
Forcing me to swallow the realization
That I can't get rid of the lurking shadows following you around
Step by step, creeping closer and closer
These monsters haunting you will never disappear
Their names are so strange: CVID, autism, surgery
I can hear the sound of my heart, breaking
Because I can barely remember you, healthy
Only seven when your world came crashing down
Now it's a faded memory but that feeling of powerless never left
And I'm sorry that I can't fix this
I know it's hard to accept that I don't have any answers
To your never spoken questions
Had to sacrifice your childhood, growing up so fast
I can't even imagine
All that struggle you faced as a child
Tons of people said you couldn't handle the struggle
But you always prove those doubters wrong
Because you're not perfect and you're not indestructible
You are human like the rest of us
Yet you show the world how to make the impossible, possible every single day
Born on this Earth for the sole purpose to be an inspiration on how to be greatness
And I'm furious that I can't return anything you gave me
I'm sorry I don't have a manual in front of me
With all the rules on how to beat this incurable disease
Got no life-saving discovery up my sleeve
All I got are words
These words that I can genuinely say are full of honesty
This is all the power I have
But I have strong faith that this can create change
So I resist the idea that I can't make a difference

And in these words I'm speaking, you'll find a promise
My promise of silence because it's all yours, made special just for you to feel its presence
And you have total control of this
Unlike your health, or if you can play sports, and go to school
This is all yours and no one can take it
It’s my gift to you, no, wait, it’s not a gift
It’s a given because I’m your little sister, your best friend
And this is what friends do
This is what family does
They give love
So I promise you that I'll do whatever it takes 
To bring you hope and guide you home to happiness
I love you, bro
For my big brother (an incredible warrior) - You're my hero and my greatest inspiration. Love you 


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  • Nyla

    Aww so sweet you wrote this for your brother! This was awesome and the tragic imagery in the beginning really caught my attention! I love the rhyming throughout as well!
    RE: Aww, thank you! And haha no worries! Aww what? No cake? But brownies are delicious so I guess it’s ok! Ooh and yum! Sugar cookies!! And ooh cool! Mmmm that sounds so delicious! Hmmm, I would probably say I really like Victoria sponge Cakes or a really rich chocolate cake! And hahah lol and yes, omg it’s so fungous! Haha no worries, sometimes I give up too! And yes and yes!!! Ok, new question, if you could time travel (past or future) when would it be and why?

    6 months ago
  • løne wølf

    this is so sweet and beautiful, yet so sad. you are letting your readers mentally experience what you've been through in words, and that's incredible. i can feel all the desperation, regret, anger, and determination that you wove into your words. <3

    re: thank you for your kind words! :)

    7 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: np!! and thank you, that means a lot :)

    7 months ago
  • useless :)

    oh my gosh this is heart wrenching in such a beautiful way. you sound like an incredible sister, your brother is lucky to have you and this is amazing :)

    7 months ago