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February 2, 2021


I once believed I was someone who should forever remain optimistic and proud 
Except now I think that it might be alright to have some doubt                                         
This is the dawn of my reflection
In which I discover a hidden truth that lies beyond its disguise
The genesis of a new life experience
Where I recognize that I shouldn't feel ashamed to be in a current place of confusion and frustration                           
After all, we each are beautiful, messy, imperfectly perfect masterpieces          
And sometimes these hard to cope with emotions 
Create the motive we need to twist our seemingly impossible dreams into honest realities                                         
So I might have just begun my journey searching for revelations
But I now know life is not about who I am in the present time
Instead, it's of who I am working to become as I strive to be a better version of me
Than the person I saw in the mirror yesterday morning


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  • Nyla

    Awwww I really like this- the message is so important and you convey it really well. My favorite part is how you say you need to twist seemingly impossible dreams into realities and that signals the twist on the poem's tone as well which was really cool! "imperfectly perfect masterpieces" -love that! "But I now know life is not about who I am in the present time" that's so so so important!! And the “once” in the beginning signalled the power later on and ooh I just realized “dawn of my reflection” is totally foreshadowing the mirror at the ending!! WOW!

    RE: Awwwww you’re so absolutely sweet!! Your comment was literally the best thing ever awwww, I was literally beaming sooo hard I thought my cheeks were going to fall off. I’m so glad it was attention getting and impactful and just thank you so so much! I’m so thankful to call you my friend :) And aww you’re so sweet thank you- but seriously no worries if you’re busy! I’ll review your comp piece too (no matter if you do mine or not)!

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    LOL and yeah. I find the same thing- I think it’s because when you go out of the house you’re forced to better manage the limited time you have. Whereas when you’re just at home, you slack off a lot more. Wait- that reminds me, I have some schoolwork to catch up on as well! HAHA yeah. And aww thank youuu- I will definitely continue taking credit for my grade 6 self’s achievements XD
    And yesssss they really do, I swear every camp is a “leadership” camp -good observation!!
    And yeah they really are- wait, that’s so cool though!! Going to an amusement park must be really fun!!
    Oooh funnn!! (Loll love how you clarified that, dw, you still have more musical talent than me!)
    Ooooh nice! I used to do taekwondo and then lol, even though my parents continued paying for it (cause it just automatically charged or something cause I did it for years) I never went in the summer and just went to summer camps instead LOL (cause the classes only last an hour! So what was my young energetic self supposed to do the rest of the day- annoy my mum? XD)
    HAHAH, loll, you’re right! it doesn’t look nearly as good as it tastes! (Looks like a five-year-old made it in all honesty hehe)
    And haha no worries- I’ve never played either lolll. I’ve held the bat like once or twice when I begged my dad but I really have no idea how to play XD!
    Haha, now I’m interested in these bets!
    Of course! And awwww thank you again! Ok, now, would you rather play in the snow or the rain?
    Have a great day!!! :))

    5 months ago