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A Mirror

February 2, 2021


so many differences,
that I don't see.
When we paint during art,
us and another friend
at one table,
the three boys
at another.
I argue with them
so they don't think
but fierce.

You ask Bruno
"Do you remember that time?"
You guys had
Spanish emersion
for seven years
and I see how
you guys are friends.
I wish
I was like what I was
where I didn't
challenge boys
put up walls,
maybe then
I wouldn't
be longing for that,

Sometimes I wish,
I wasn't afraid,
didn't let any of them in,
and sometimes I wish,
I was calmer,
but I know,
I should keep,
being myself
Sometimes it's hard though,
a lot of boys
won't like me
for me,
because of this change.

I see the other
make fun of you
but then he,
steps in and says,
"Don't be mean to (your name),
she's nice," 
and I try not to make
a sound,
of regret.
That used to be me,
I don't know
if I can be jealous,
that he protects you
and me 
I guess, 
but not as often.

I know,
girls like me,
are rare,
but I hope it's still
in a good way.
When they make fun
I try to ignore them,
but then I know,
I have to react,
but they only tease me,
not you,
and for that,
I'm a bit

When you talk,
with them,
it's like a replica,
a mirror,
of a couple years ago,
when I was still
but not,
as fierce.
Sometimes I wish,
I could still have
with them,
but it's hard.

I'm not jealous,
just a small
bit of
I know
he protects me too,
but not as much, 
as he protects you.
And it's hard,
knowing not to change,
but seeing you,
with him.
Okay, so today at in person school with my cohort my friend and I were in art and this guy I don't know if I like was talking to her. He's nice to me, but not as nice, and I thought I'd write about the whole ordeal, and I'm also kind of confused. Anyways, advice anyone? I don't know if I like him but it bothers me a bit when he chooses to talk casually to my friend first sometimes, and so yeah. Hopefully that makes a bit of sense and the poem was ok :)


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  • ~rain~

    Re: Will ask! Surfing sounds like so much fun, I'll go one day. And I definitely get the whole being cooped up in your room for hours- thats me

    3 months ago
  • ~rain~

    Re: Her name is Cindy, but I figured out that she lives in Redono Beach. I'm pretty good, just finished softball practice and exhausted from school lol. Middle school is bleh- I'm online and it's kinda ok. How are you?

    3 months ago
  • ~rain~

    Re: Dunno if I've been- my short term memory is like ahhh. My all-time favorite place here in Florida is either Honeymoon Island or Fort Desoto. The beach is my personal fave and I could rant on and on about how beautiful the sunsets are. My old profile pic was a photo that I took on Madeira Beach. Anyway yeah, I really like how I live minutes from the beach :) it's pretty great. I have some family over by Manhattan beach, I think that I have an aunt there? I don't know, but I'll ask her! Hope you've been doing well :D

    3 months ago
  • ~rain~

    Re: Wow that's awesome! I lived in Monterey and now I live in Tampa, Florida... traffic is gonna be BAD on Sunday. Everyone who visits Florida seems to be the "OMG DISNEY" or "OMG BUSCH GARDENS" type and I haven't even been to Disney lol. So I understand what the whole Hollywood thing must be like.

    3 months ago
  • ~rain~

    Re: Oh, hope your leg gets better! I see that you're in California- I was born there and haven't been in a few years. Do you like it there?

    3 months ago
  • ~rain~

    My advice is to maybe try making friends with him, and not be too stand-off around him. I can be like that and whenever there's a guy that I like, I talk to him like a normal friend. Last school year there was a boy who I liked and he liked me back, but I didn't open up, mostly because I was kind of introverted then. And if you are an introvert, that's ok! If you're sure that you like him, try talking to him and become his friend.

    I liked the poem, great job!!! :)

    Re: Oooh, that sounds like fun! I haven't been surfing I really want to go sometime! Truth is, I don't know why I haven't been yet- I live minutes from the beach. Anyway yeah, like I said, I'm not going to rush you into emailing me or anything. If it's not until next week, then that's ok... I'm gonna be really busy for the next few days because my family is throwing a Superbowl party and, well, everyone where I live is a Bucs fan. I don't watch football so heh, yeah. Hope you did well on your tests and sorry if this was kinda long

    3 months ago
  • Emi

    Re: yeah, my mom once told me that it is easier to get a guy to like you when you're a little more feminine around him. Which made me annoyed because I don't like pretending to be really sugary and whatnot, but I tried being a little nicer in general and not super aggressive with my opinions and it seemed to work. That doesn't mean chuck your convictions, but maybe tone them down a little in discussion so someone can get to know you better and then you can both calmly discuss opinions. Obviously, find a guy who agrees with you on most important things (politics, religion, etc.) otherwise it might be a very short discussion and an equally short relationship. So far it's seemed to work for me as far as getting male attention (not that I'm a flirt, I'm just practical cause I want to get married in the next ten years). : )

    3 months ago
  • Emi

    Hmmm, hmm (puts my matchmaker regency-era cap on)...my suggestions...
    1. Continue being true to yourself. Obviously if you have to fake everything it's kinda like the guy doesn't actually like you because he's only seeing the fake you. Kindly do not make the mistake too many other girls make of becoming idiotic and insipid just because it will make a guy like them. If a guy can't like you for you, he doesn't deserve you.
    2. This might be a little awkward phrasing it, but...well, if you come off as a very blunt/fierce person (and I know how that is cause I can be the same way and it puts people off a lot) consider being a little less defensive around males. Now, that doesn't mean be a wimp and let jerks walk all over you (if a guy is genuinely a jerk just ignore him and certainly DON'T pander to him by acting all gooey about it like some people do and then they end up with abusive boyfriends. Which I don't think you would cause you seem pretty no-nonsense.) But...if the guy is genuinely a nice guy and really hasn't done anything rude or egotistical, I would say consider being a little...well...softer around him. Like, attempt to not be super defensive and don't judge him based on his inferior peers.

    It is quite possible that he is not as protective about you because he sees you can take care of yourself, or he might honestly be slightly intimidated by you (for some reason guys seem to have fragile egos and are easily intimidated by stronger women, in my experience as a rather opinionated female : ) ).

    Hope that helps! (disclaimer: most of my guy experience/advice is based off of having a teenage brother and numerous guy friends who I observe; I have never had a boyfriend and probably won't for a little bit until my crush decides [or doesn't decide] to ask me out already. just putting that out there that I am in no way a relationships expert) Also, sorry about the long comment but I try to give what advice I can! : )

    3 months ago
  • ~rain~

    re: maybe try checking your wifi? i'll write a review for this and give you my email there :)

    3 months ago
  • useless :)

    o that was long (srry XD)

    3 months ago
  • useless :)

    the poem was great!! i really got the idea you were trying to convey even before reading the footnotes. for advice, well...i'm definitely not the best person to ask, but one of my guy friends was friends with another girl a while ago...talked to her a lot, and during that period i was pretty bothered by it. then he told me he liked her, and i realized that was the reason they talked a lot. after that, i wasn't bothered anymore, so i realized i was only jealous in a friend way and not a "liking" way...idk if that makes any sense. i realized this doesn't really help you at all, but i guess i meant it could mean one of two things...since it could be another type of jealousy. maybe try thinking about how you'd feel if he told you he liked your friend, and if you'd be bothered by that you probably like him in that way. don't take my "advice" very seriously tho, i also have no clue what i'm talking about concerning those types of subjects half the time ;)

    3 months ago
  • beth r.

    poem is gorgeous! as for advice? i really could relate to this so I'm not sure if I have any solutions lol- just know you're awesome and enough without a guys validation
    re: lol i would honestly love to do that tho

    3 months ago