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An ideal World

May 13, 2014



If I could change ten things about life I would change that there was no such thing as aborsion ever even invented. And if it was invented, that it stayed illegal. I would have money trees, that way when parents said money doesn't grow on trees... They were wrong. I would have world peace. I would make sure everyone loved everyone. I would change that high school only went to 10th grade. I would want it to be a must that everyone had to dedicate one year of their lives to travel the world. I would change the way people looked at others, I would want everyone to think as everyone as an equal. I would change the way society portrays women. I would want everyone to look as women as respectable people and not just a slam piece, but in order for that to happen women would have to also respect themselves. I would change the average model size from a zero to a six, because that's just not real life. Last but not least I would change that their was no such thing as divorce. It affects to many people and it breaks my heart to see families being split up.


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