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Michael H.

The Cycle of Domestic Violence and Sports' Influence

May 8, 2015

Baseball became "Americas offical past time" in the 1890's football players are idloized by the youth of my generation and even in the most recent generation our atheltes have become their role modles. Sports have more of an influnce on the human than most people believe. Ronald B. Woods worte a book about the issues in these domiscated areas and how they relate to sports "A three-year study showed that while male student-athletes make up 3% of the population on college campuses, they account for 19% of sexual assaults and 35% of domestic assaults on college campuses" (Social Isssues in Sportd by Ronald B. Woods)  not only did Woods do a great job of pointing out some of the biger key issues but also thriozed that not only can sports have an outcome that leads to domistic vilonce but vilonce it self can be the tradgic uprising to some of our greastest super stars. This throzied cycle is could also be the cause of commonly found domistic vilonce in the citys and subharbs of our states. Not only does this provide a way to understand how it starts but also allows how it could end. when twe idiloize people such as the vikings running back Peterson we allow a man liike that to beat a child with a stick. He is a 6ft tall 250 pound football player who beat a child with a stick. That statement alone should make your skin crawl. When we idloize and view a viloent persons and make them in our role modles and make games were half the game is concusions our as coomon as someone scoring than you know we may have gone down the wrong trail  


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