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ahh i really have no idea how anyone would interpret this but however you read this as, i hope it left something in you.

thanks for reading, spend a lovely day!!

let me ruin you

February 1, 2021


i hide behind whispers
to travel within ears. 
i'm your biggest danger
yet you shield me from others.

i'm a shadow's cousin. 
always following, 
only to be gone 
when you try to find me. 

what are you so afraid of? 
that they'll see me? 
or see the cracks within you, 
where you built a home for me? 

i promise i'm not your enemy. 
it's them,
the ones who try to touch me,
the ones who don't understand me. 

you know if they searched deep enough,
looked beyond the pretty 
mask you molded for me. 
they'd find me. 

i'm too heavy to carry around,
too big to hide behind the bark of a tree
and yet too dangerous to let go at once.
and that's how the

slipping happens,
evenly, in pieces.
created just to be 
released with 
every narrow of
the eye. 
so look closely. 

and you'll find the fragments.



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  • AstroWriter

    What's that? Oh is it another chapter for Magnum? I think it is!

    3 months ago