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i am a very stubborn person and i will stand up for what i believe no matter WHO fucking challenges me
and if you don't like me deal with it
i am my own biggest RIVAL

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"When you're happy you enjoy the music, but when you're sad you understand the lyrics"
-Nate Feuerstein AKA NF
"You are a product of your choices, not a victim of your circumstances"
Marshall Bruce Mathers III AKA eminem/ Slim Shady

Story of a Shattered Heart By:Rival

February 4, 2021

(Verse 1)
When I was younger I was always told that love was pain
So I taught myself to hide emotions deep within
I say I'm fine but I feel more pain that id admit
if I give up and quit
and admit to all the dirt I did
I try so hard but I never seem fit in
a broken poet and a lonesome misfit
every night when I look at my face
I feel so broken and so hopeless 
so I try to replace
everything that I try not to say
I end up saying it all
it comes out either way
(Verse 2)
When I got older I took my anger out on others
I blame it on everyone else but me and my mother
when in truth that's where the fault lies
all my demons are eating me taking my life
I try not to cry and to fight through the night
so I slip into my mind that's where I hide
every night when I look at my face
I feel so broken and hopeless
so I try to replace
everything I try not to say
i end up saying it all 
it comes out either way


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1 Comment
  • Charisse Marison

    This is so sad and heartbreaking, but sooo well-written <3
    Amazing work and good luck in the competition!

    4 months ago