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Poetry to me
is stumbling around
in the dark
trying to find the right words
to describe
the feeling
I get when she
smiles in her sleep

Her Return Home

February 1, 2021


The dark train pulled up to the station. The train came to and from the world of the living all the time, but this day was special. A certain someone, that only came once a year was here. 
Most people who walked off were confused, scared, or uncaring. All had a dark shade over them. All, except for a bright yellow dress. Persephone.
Hades smiled as he caught sight of his wife. She was still looking around so he reached his hand over the crowd to wave. She saw him immediately, a grin blossoming on her beautiful features. She took off in a run toward him. The small young woman barreled into the  
Tall , burly man. A chuckle escaped Hades lips. Persephone had her head in Hades coat, hugging him tightly. He wrapped his arms around her tiny form, her relaxing in his strong, safe grip.
“Welcome home love” Hades whispered into her hair, His breath pricking at her skin. 
    “Thanks for waiting for me,” She said whimsically, releasing him. “You like my dress?” She asked. They started to walk home. 
    “Very lovely,and fitting Darling.” He said smoothly, reaching for her hand to hold.”How are you? It's been a little while since we’ve talked, I was just writing to you this morning.”
    “Aww, you’ll have to read it to me. I'm alright, miss you a lot.” She said, leaning her head against his arm. “Next spring you should visit more” Her eyebrows scrunched together in worry.
    “Oh dear don’t think about then!” He said rushing, needing to see her smile. “Think about 
Late nights in the kitchen, making cinnamon rolls, with those silly human movies playing.” He said, spinning her around his finger. A smile bloomed against her perfect teeth. The tension in Hades chest released.
    “Well that does sound lovely, hmm I am definity craving breakfast food. What about you?” she said mischievously. 
    “ Whatever you wish my love, I only want you to be happy. Breakfast sounds amazing.”
    “Of course”
    “Will you make your juice? Oh and do you have the syrup? Ah or whip cream! Yay I’m so excited” She asked quickly spurred on by Hades nods. Skipping ahead a few steps, she raced back stopping just short of running into Hades, beginning to sing her next words. 
“ Yay!, Breakfast with the Hubby, My love, My light, Mine!”
With a laugh Hades ran, gracefully to her lifting her off her feet, pulling her to his chest. He spun in a circle.
    “ I don't know if you know this, but you are the sweetest, most pure person ever.”
    “ Hmmm No! Only if you can catch me!” She said a took off in a run toward their door. It didn't take much for him to catch up, When he did he pulled her up into his arms, bridal style. 
    “Every Year?” she asked,breathing hard. 
“It's my promise.” He said simply.
“To what?”
“Our Happy ending.”


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  • Paisley Blue

    ahhhhh i love this :) wow!!! it's not letting me like it for some reason, wtw is just acting up, but if i could i would :))

    3 months ago
  • Love, Rose

    wow this is stunning - well done

    3 months ago