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A Magical New Story | A-Review-For-A-Review!

February 1, 2021

Many are chained down
By their own vain misery.
But I’m not going to stay there.
No, not me.

I’m going to go
Where I’ll be free
I’ll write myself into
A magical new story.

You can watch as the
World crashes from its enmity.
But I won’t stay.
No, not me.

I’m going to go.
Where the joy will be
I’ll write myself into
A magical new story.

I can be the queen
Of an elvish land.
I can be a pirate,
With mates at my command.
I can be an explorer,
In the deep space.
I can be a fairy,
With a glass face.
I can be an animal,
With a family of fur.
I can be a mermaid,
An underwater dancer.

In the human world,
You’ll be in agony.
I’m begging you,
Come with me.
I want you with me,
Your face full of much glee.
Please, please, please, please!
Come with me!

 I have to go.
Why can’t you see?
I must write myself into
A magical new story.

I must go!
Please come with me!
And we can write ourselves,
Into a magical new story.


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