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The First Poems: challenge (footnotes)

February 2, 2021


Warm and Comforting

Warm and comforting means something different to everyone. 
For the little infant, it means their mother’s soothing arms that rock them to sleep,
their father’s rich baritone that comforts and displays true love.
For the adolescent child, it means the compliment that penetrates the surface, 
the note of encouragement that seems small, but is so big.
For the teenager, it means having that enchanted feeling of being loved and loving,
the subtle support of parents who will be there if they need it- but they say they never will.
For the young adult, it means having their partner and their inner circle of friends close by,
hearing their child laugh and seeing them smile.
For the middle-aged person, it means having their spouse to fall back on after a strenuous day, the busy daily life of caring for their family. 
For the senior, it means living out peaceful retirement years in a long dreamt of paradise,
enjoying children and grandchildren and family and friends. 
Warm and comforting means something different to everyone. 


Your Eyes

I’ve often heard,
Eyes are the windows to the soul, 
But your eyes are a peek at the rivers,
A glance at the ever-changing sea,
A fleeting look at the waves,
They are stern slate depths,
Complex cobalt currents,
Trusting turquoise ripples,
Energetic emerald whirlpools, 
Jaunty jade streams,
Laughing laurel green brooks,
Simple sapphire lakes,
Kind camouflage green bayous,
Solemn silver rapids,
Intelligent icy blue fjords,
Sweet cyan lagoons,
Your eyes are calm and still at times, like the sea,
Then they blaze with fury like a hurricane,
Like unrestrained gales over the ocean,
Or gently lapping waves at the edge of the water, joyful and loving,
Your eyes are wild and passionate, not dangerous, but free,
These difficult layered eyes
That are so hard to read sometimes,
Yet so mesmerizing and lively and funny.
Those are your eyes.



The sun smiles down at us,
As we welcome summertime,
Happiness is here.


The Woods

Vines growing rampant, 
Petals and bushes strewn about,
This is the wild woods.



Flying faster still,
The falcon will fiercely hunt,
With such elegance.

My response to Caleb Urlacher's prompt. I don't know if these are my earliest poems, but they're some of the earliest I have documented. Written at age 11, June 2017.
"Your Eyes" looks way cooler on the original slideshow since each color name is actually in that color, as close as I could find.
The last three are haikus. Idk, they seemed easy to write. I think there might be an extra syllable in "The Woods" in the second line, whoops.
This isn't all of them, but I think I'll actually be publishing some more of these in a series. 
LMK your thoughts!


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  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    Oh my goodness this is chef's kiss. I love love love this. It is so unique and beautiful.

    3 months ago
  • Emi

    I couldn't even tell these were earlier poems! They're fabulous! I like "Your Eyes" the best!

    3 months ago
  • xx carolina xx

    Hey! Just letting you know that Chapter 6 of "Three Sisters and the Sea" is out!

    3 months ago
  • ~Aurora~

    This is beautiful!! I love them, especially "your eyes" i have no words. it flows so well and just ahhh. also YES LEO 4EVER IM GLAD I GOT TO READ UR ANALYSIS OF THE CHARACTERS LMAO
    re: ty for ur kind workds tho. <3

    3 months ago
  • Parisienne

    Wow! I love this collection, especially the use of colour imagery in your eyes. It's really stunning.
    Re: thank you so much! I'm completely obsessed with Paris and dream constantly of living there. Ik what you mean about the beret thing - it is the classic French look isn't it? Well, good think you're an anglophile because I actually am English! Kind of funny because I desperately want to be French and yet you admire the English. I can see that you're American - I've always wanted to visit but never managed to. If you want to know more about Britain to fuel your anglophile attitude just let me know! :)

    3 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    um excuse the excessive alliteration in "Your Eyes"
    fun fact: "Your Eyes" and "Southern California" were written about the same person

    3 months ago