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February 1, 2021


    Father went to sea with Isaiah. And only one of them came back again.
    Mother says Isaiah is lost at sea. I don't understand. How can Isaiah be lost in the middle of an ocean? He's always been very good at finding his way. When we used to walk in the woods he would always find the way home. So how can he be lost at sea? There are no trees there to block out the sun. Somehow the sun gives Isaiah his directions. I don't know how. It's another thing I must learn when I grow up. I would rather learn that than sewing.
    Isaiah would have taught me. Maybe he will teach me when he finds his way home again. He always did promise to teach me whatever I wanted, even if it was something only boys did like whistling or fishing. He used to take me fishing. Maybe he's fishing right now, while he waits for the sun to come up and give him directions home.
    Father was very unhappy when he came home. He and Mother were alone in their room for a long time, and when Mother came out she was crying. Because Isaiah was lost at sea, she said.
    "Don't worry," I told her. "He will find his way home again."
    She only shook her head. She still only shakes her head when I tell her. I'm getting tired of telling her. Doesn't she know Isaiah knows how to find his way anywhere? Of course he can come home. Maybe she doesn't want him to. Maybe he's in trouble again. He's not often in trouble, but when he is it's because he forgot to do something, and then Father and Mother are very angry with him. He never forgets the way home, though.
    "I can go and find him," I tell Father a week after he comes home. "He's taking a long time to come home. Do you think he is very lost?"
    Father only shakes his head, like Mother does. "You're going to stay right here, Hannah. Nobody in this family will go to sea again."
    Father isn't a fisherman anymore. He is a carpenter now. I don't think he's very good at it. Isaiah could have helped him, but Isaiah is still lost. I wonder how long he will take to get home. Maybe the sun is giving him bad directions. I wish he would come home soon. Mother is making me learn how to sew and I hate it. Isaiah would teach me how to fish. Maybe, now that I'm six, he would take me out in the bay. But Father still says nobody will go to sea in our family again.
    When I am seven Isaiah still hasn't come back. So I decide to look for him. Father wouldn't let me, and neither will Mother, so I don't tell them. I take Isaiah's skiff out in the bay one night, when the moon is out, and I go and look for him. Maybe he is on his way home already.
    I stay out all night, and I cannot find anything. I guess he isn't swimming ashore. I go out every night for a week, and I still cannot find him. He must be very lost. I am unhappy with him. He shouldn't be getting lost. He is sixteen already. He is too old to get lost. And he's Isaiah. He's never lost.
    On the last night a storm comes. I try to keep the skiff under control, but I do not really know how to take care of a skiff. I don't see the rocks by the shore until it is too late. The skiff gets a hole torn in the bottom. I think that makes it start to sink, because water won't stop coming in. Luckily I can swim, but I have to take all my clothes off so they won't weigh me down. I crawl ashore in my underwear. It is very cold. I cry a little bit when I look at Isaiah's wrecked skiff. He's going to be very angry with me when he gets home. I'm not supposed to use it. It was his most favorite thing in the whole world, and I've wrecked it.
    When I get home, Mother and Father are up. They noticed I wasn't in bed. Mother is very angry because I walked all through the bay in my underwear, but Father is just upset.
    "Isaiah's not coming back," he tells me. "He is gone, Hannah."
    "He's coming back. He just has to find his way," I tell him, still crying because I wrecked the skiff.
    Mother holds me close, wrapping warm blankets around my shivering body. "Hannah...Isaiah is dead."
    I think Mother and Father have just lost hope. Isaiah knows how to survive. He's just taking a while to find his way back home. He'll be home soon enough. My brother never gets lost.


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  • The Ravenclaw Dragon

    Wow. This is amazing. The way you did the perspective through a younger girl was fantastic and, yet, painful to my tender heart. Keep on writing!

    3 months ago
  • anemoia by a thread

    oh my gosh. the voice in this, how you narrated from a young girl's pov, is heartbreaking. hannah's age affects her perception in such a heartbreaking way.

    3 months ago