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Please give me any feedback you can think of any lyric ideas what ever thank you x


February 1, 2021

So I start up conversations,
But they just die away,
And everytime that this happens,
my confidence breaks,

But the tarot cards say,
That we'll end up just fine,
Yet I still seem to think,
She's the one on your mind,

And I wonder should I just give up,
On what we've made the past few months,
Should I turn away,
Forget about the mess we've made
or would you take my hand ,
And help me through my darkest days,
Cause I sit at home wondering,
If you feel the same

When I think about us,
i can't help but smile,
all these memories we've got,
Where you'd act like a child,

Yet I can still hear,
This discouraging voice,
it's making me question,
would I be your first choice.

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  • Shivona

    Love the flow, It's really beautiful!!! Keep going girl ;D and welcome to the Writetheworld family!

    3 months ago
  • Parisienne

    This is really good! :)

    3 months ago
  • Ananyaa

    Beautiful! But i really didn't get it's structure. i mean it's a song so it's got to have a structure like verses, Chorus or something. But i guess that's your choice. Just a thought:)

    3 months ago