Tanvi tj



February 1, 2021


The sky is blue and clear
To nature, it's so dear,
The sky's the home for millions of clouds
In the night it is filled with howls of hounds,
Birds fly in the day
 And you quietly lay,
When you get sleepy it's the onset of night
When you are awake it's all daylight,
You have a vast family
 Who lives happily,
Years pass by but you don't age
 For you, there is no cage,
Within you, there is the rainbow
In the night the stars glow,
The gold is the sun, stars are diamonds
 You don't have a problem of funds,
You thunder when you're in a bad mood
It must be when the birds are too rude,
Rockets launch right through you
But for you, that isn’t something new,
Horizon is yours and earth's fusion
But you look like an illusion,
Eagle is your companion
You have the great bear and Orion,
You are the part of four key things
 You have both the gaseous balls and rings,
Through you jet plains form contrails,
Then you smudge them with your gales,
You are even above the mountains so high
You are a place to freely fly,
You are the supremacy
Your name gives me ecstasy,
To meet you only superheroes have the fate
I will become one so please wait,
You are a beautiful sight
Even Your darkness is light;
You give me a feeling of success
I love your pretty blue dress,
You give me peace
I want to stay with you on lease
The distance between you and me is vast right?
But anytime we can connect with a kite,
I would come up there
 I'll sit on the clouds and roam everywhere,
Towards you I stretch my arms for your embrace
You calm me in solace,
Up there it would be so adventurous
 Thinking about it is so marvellous,
You are so selfless
 I know the journey up there would be priceless,


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  • Sunflower~

    This is beautiful! You should use it for the songwriting competition! If that's your kind of thing haha ;) I can't write poetry for the life of me... have a good day!! ;)

    6 months ago