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La Lune

February 1, 2021


(gentle guitar picking)
Verse 1:
La Lune, why'd he leave me so blue?
I was gentle and good, just like he said that I should.
La Lune, Why'd he leave me so soon?
We'd only just begun - flowers reaching for the Sun.
La Lune.

(strumming begins)
Oh my darling, please don't you worry. 
Your heart is made of gold and your spirit's so much stronger than you know.
He may have left you in the dark, but you haven't got that far to go.

(back to guitar picking)
Verse 2:
La Lune, I don't know what to do.
I feel like I'm in pieces, shattered 'neath the light of the moon.

La Lune, he said he'd be true and I believed him, really does that make me the fool?

(strumming once more)
Oh my darling, please don't you worry.
There is love in all you do and there's nothing more that I can ask of you.
He may have broken your heart, but you haven't got that far to go.

(gentle picking, louder than before)
Verse 3:
La Lune, I wish I could see you.
I bet your voice is sweeter than honey, softer than a lullaby's tune.
(strumming quietly, triumphant)
Oh, la Lune, I think I'm nearly through. 
I can see the horizon, a golden reminder of youth.
(picking again)
la Lune, how'd we get here so soon?
Am I ready for this? What if I try and I miss?
Oh, la Lune.

Final refrain:
Oh my darling, please don't you worry.
You have finally made it through and I believe
the rest is up to you. 
He's a distant memory, and when you think of me, look to the blue.

(quiet picking to finish)

Note: Ideally, I'd love to have violins playing over the parts of the moon to emphasise it's otherwordly-ness and musicality. They would undercut the melody to provide harmonies and could swell to provide tone, particularly in the final refrain.


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  • Writing4Life

    This is so beautiful! I love your voice!

    5 months ago
  • Sunflower~

    I looove this! The guitar works so well with the song!! ;)

    5 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    this is absolutely beautiful!! your voice is excellent, too :) best of luck in the competition!! i really really love this!!

    5 months ago