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Am I the second bird? -Inspired by Regina Spektor song 'Two birds'

January 30, 2021


I wanna say I will leave 
spread my wings
and explore the world
But I know my feet are
holding on tight to the wire,
As I watch everyone fly away
Maybe its a curse
or maybe it's just me

Cause if I let go 
I will fall 
I know that that's normal 
but I am scared how far
What if I never get back up
So I carry on holding tight 
I watch you all fly off
(please don't  forget me) 
your doing so well
and i just need more time

I want to spread my wings
I want to see the land around me 
Let go of this wire 
Cause I will fly away as well

But what if i am just a liar 

Again this poem of my is inspired by my thoughts while listing to a song called 'Two birds' by Regina Spektor. Its a great song I would recommend. It is also a much longer poem than I usually would write, so it was fun trying that out. I hope all of you are well and don't forget to hydrate and eat 


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